What is EMFs? 7 Things You Need to Know

What is EMFs? 7 Things You Need to Know

EMF or EMFs is a term you may have come across, but what exactly does it mean?

In this guide, you’ll find out exactly what is EMFs and how they’re negatively affecting billions of people around the world today.

Let’s take a look at this elusive, invisible force.

What is EMFs?

EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field and refers to the invisible field produced by moving electrically charged particles such as photons. They occur both naturally and from man-made sources.

These fields are basically energy in the form of waves or particles. They also travel at near the speed of light. That’s around the entire earth 7.5 times in just one second!

EMFs are invisible and completely beyond most people’s awareness. However, some people can actually feel them. Especially those that a created by man (non-native electromagnetic radiation)

These fields are commonly referred to as radiation. Especially at exposures considered harmful to humans. Electromagnetic radiation or EMR is also another term often used to describe ‘EMFs’.

The E in EMF represents Electric fields which are created by voltage. If for example you have a cable charging your phone, this will give off an electric field from the voltage within the cable.

The M in EMF represents Magnetic fields which are created by the flow of current. Transmission power lines as an example usually have a significant magnetic field coming off the wires.

Visualization of cosmic rays as they enter into the Earths atmosphere.

Here’s some other examples of EMFs:

  • UV rays from the sun.
  • Infrared from an infrared sauna.
  • The microwaves coming off your Wi-Fi and cell phone.
  • X-rays from a medical examination.

What is EMFs main characteristics? Let’s begin with the electromagnetic spectrum. An important place to begin to properly understand how EMFs work.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The simplest way to get your head around how EMFs function – is by learning about the electromagnetic spectrum.

The EM spectrum contains the entire range of all electromagnetic radiation. It also shows the field’s approximate frequency – which relates to its wavelength.

At the absolute lowest frequencies in the hertz range, we see the largest wavelengths. The size of several thousand miles!

These low frequencies also have the lowest amount of energy. However, that’s not to say they have no effect on the biology of life.

The lowest of frequency fields includes the Earths Schumann Resonance. This is generated by lightning or electrical charge in the atmosphere. Other low frequency fields include those produced by AC electricity.

The electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum, showing non-ionizing (blue) and ionizing radiation (red).

As we go higher in frequency, the field gains more energy and also reduces in wavelength. Simply meaning, the pulsations of the radiation become much more frequent.

In fact, at the frequency of Wi-Fi, your body is being exposed to 2.4 or 5 billion pulsations per second. Compare that to the natural Schumann Resonance, which has just 8 gentle cycles per second.

As we travel higher up in frequency we enter into the areas of infra-red, visible light and ultraviolet radiation. This is where we pass from non-ionizing radiation (blue) into ionizing radiation (red).

Now that you understand what is EMFs main characteristics, let’s move onto some of the concerns many are having.

It was once thought that only ionizing radiation (in red) could be harmful to life. However, thousands of studies now confirm this to be false.

Any of these fields can be harmful – all depending on its frequency, input signal and strength.

Natural vs Manmade EMFs

Since the dawn of time, the earth and universe has bathed in naturally occurring EMFs. Our biology has evolved to live in harmony with these low-level natural fields.

Thankfully, much of the natural EMFs that are harmful to life are hurling out in space. The Earth also has quite the trick up its sleeve. Something we all take for granted.


The Earth’s atmosphere acts as a protective cocoon that shields all life from harmful cosmic rays and particles from solar flares and solar radiation.

However, there is still some danger from naturally occurring EMFs. All of which can be avoided through proactive action or avoidance.

  1. Radon gas can accumulate within homes, increasing lung cancer.
  2. UV radiation can cause severe burns to those not wearing sun protection.
  3. Cosmic rays can increase the risk of cancer for frequent flyers.

Non-native or man made EMFs on the other hand can be just as damaging. This is via a whole host of mechanisms that we’ll discuss shortly.

When compared to naturally occurring EMFs, non-native fields are often erratic and consist of strong pulses.

Instead of a clean sine wave, a myriad of frequencies are superimposed onto a larger carrier wave. This creates a field that can cause significant adverse biological effects in living organisms.

Unlike natural forms of radiation – non-native field exposures are also difficult for the average person to predict. High exposures can happen anywhere, with the damage being hard to assess.


The Rise of Non-Native EMFs

In the last 100 years, our exposure to non-native electromagnetic radiation has increased beyond comprehension.

It wasn’t until the invention of electricity that saw our non-native EMF exposures increase dramatically. In 1893 the very first homes begun being powered by AC electricity.

Non-native (artificial) AC electric fields, AC magnetic fields and ‘dirty electricity’ was now introduced into homes. This was the first time that the human body had been exposed to such fields.

In most homes, occupants now begun ‘swimming’ in an invisible soup of low frequency radiation.

The use of radar systems and radio also became prevalent during the early 1900s. This increased the population’s exposure to non-native EMFs nearby to such systems.

Today, we’re exposed to radiofrequency / microwave radiation virtually everywhere we go. This is thanks to the proliferation of wireless technology and cellular towers that emit RF over vast areas.

The rate at which cell towers and transmitters are being installed is mind-boggling.

Dramatic increase of radio frequency radiation exposure after 5G installed (click to enlarge).

The naturally occurring level of radio frequency radiation (RF) on Earth is around 0.000001 μW/m² during normal cosmic activities. A level at which all life has evolved with for millennia.

Today, our exposure to this radiation can be in the thousands to millions of μW/m². So that’s not triple, one thousand or even a billion times higher. In fact, it’s around 1 quintillion times higher.

That’s a 1 with 18 zeros – a number almost impossible to grasp.

A Grand Experiment

Every year, our exposure to non-native EMFs is growing exponentially. This is especially the case for radiofrequency radiation / microwaves.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva already in 2001 classified AC magnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic for childhood leukemia (Class 2B).

By May 31, 2011, radiofrequency radiation was also classified as possibly carcinogenic for certain brain tumours (Class 2B).

In the same year, the Council of Europe said “Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools”, since these technologies have “potentially harmful” effects on humans.

The Council of Europe concluded that immediate action was required to protect children. In virtually all countries around the world, nothing happened. Complete silence.

Professor Olle Johansson couldn’t have said it better. That this is the largest full-scale experiment ever:

“What happens when we, 24-hours around the clock, wherever we are, allow ourselves and our children to be used as guinea-pigs, whole-body-irradiated (at colossal exposure levels!) for the rest of our lives?”

We already have thousands of studies showing the adverse health effects of non-native EMFs. The alarm has been sounded by countless medical and radiation experts – yet who is listening?

Here’s just one study by Magras and Xenos in 1997 which ended with all rats becoming completely infertile within 5 generations (extinction).

The rats were placed in cages around a cell phone tower. The infertility was irreversible.

Adverse Biological Effects

The most concerning thing about EMFs is that unlike cigarette smoke, they can’t be seen, smelt or heard. Most people are completely unaware that their actual biology is being affected by these harmful and invisible fields.

Though for a small percentage of the population, they can actually be felt. These people have what’s called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

Many of these people have developed this 6th sense after high exposure levels. It’s a way of the body saying “enough is enough!”.

The adverse biological effects of non-native EMFs have been extensively studied since the early 1900s.

By the 1970’s the US Navy had already compiled a report summarizing thousands of studies showing the biological harm of microwaves and RF.

Fast-forward to today and there’s now well over 10,000 peer reviewed studies showing adverse biological effects from non-ionizing EMFs. Even at seemingly low exposure levels.

Later, in 1979 two American researchers, Wertheimer e Leeper, published for the first time the results of a study that demonstrated an increased carcinogenic risk from AC magnetic fields.

The study noted a far higher occurrence of leukemia in children residing in proximity to high voltage power lines.

Since then, research into the effects of non-ionizing radiation on living organisms has rapidly expanded. This has included studying the effects of radio frequencies and microwaves on the biological systems.

What is EMFs effect on the body? Numerous studies have shown that EMF exposure causes:

  • The alteration of voltage gated calcium channels. This allows an influx of calcium ions into the cell, leading to the production of free radicals, oxidative stress, cell death and inflammation.
  • Degranulation of mast cells, which can trigger a cascade of inflammatory events in the body.
  • DNA damage – via the creation of carbonyl free radicals. DNA damage can lead to cancer and germ line mutations.
  • Permeability of the blood brain barrier – this allows toxic chemicals, microbes and heavy metals to enter the brain causing damage. This barrier plays a vital role in protecting the brain and central nervous system.
  • Reduction of melatonin levels – this important hormone regulates sleep and acts as a powerful free radical scavenger. It protects the DNA from oxidative damage. With a reduction of melatonin, one of the bodies most powerful protective mechanisms is now compromised.

These are the main mechanisms of action by which EMFs affect the body. It’s then a downward spiral to a whole cascade of health conditions including cancer, heart disease and infertility – just to name a few.

The 4 non-native EMFs of Concern

Most people are aware of the radiation coming off their cell phone or from their WIFI router, but this is just one type of EMF.

There are 4 main EMFs of concern within the living environment. These are:

  1. Electric Fields from house wiring, appliances and AC power cords, particularly in sleeping ares.
  2. Magnetic Fields from house wiring, wiring errors, current on the grounding systems, overhead power lines and substations.
  3. Radio Frequencies from wireless devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless telephones, and smart meters.
  4. Harmonic frequencies of Dirty Electricity from dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), variable speed furnace motors, and other sources.

So as you can see, it’s not just WIFI radiation that we have to be concerned about. Our bodies are being bombarded 24/7 by artificial fields coming from many sources.

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