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Cracking the EMF Code

EMF Protection Unveiled: Discover Expert Secrets for Bulletproof Defense That Actually Works!

Revelations from an EMF Mitigation Expert, After Protecting People for a Decade: Exclusive Protection Insights, What Works, What Doesn't!

Cracking the EMF Code Book Cover
“I very rarely write reviews but in this instance I feel it is warranted. If you are serious about getting protected from EMFs, you would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Matt.”
Andrew - Sydney, Australia
“His recommendations were clear and personalised. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is serious about reducing their exposure to harmful EMFs and wants the guidance of a professionally trained expert.”
Elise - Toulouse, France
“It was great to be able to talk to someone who knew about electro hypersensitivity. He was also able to identify the cause of why I was feeling sick since moving into my new apartment. Highly recommend.”
Lisa .L - Sydney, Australia
“We are so grateful for Matt! He was knowledgeable, and gave us so much practical advice. We feel confident in the changes we can make to our home to make it safe for our family!”
Brittany Barger - Los Angeles, USA
“Top notch service! The knowledge we gained during the assessment and the report were invaluable. We cannot thank Matt enough and highly recommend his service!”
Jane Ma - Sydney, Australia
“I learnt so much and I am extremely motivated to now put Matts recommendations into practice around the home to protect my family from the harmful effects of EMF’s. So glad I have done this process!”
Kristy - Brisbane, Australia

Get Ready to Dive into the World of EMFs

Unlock Exclusive Insights to Enhance Your Understanding of EMFs

Hi there, I'm Matt Cossey, founder of Biome Living, EMF specialist and voice behind the Invisible EMF Podcast

Matt Cossey Testing EMFs

My journey? Immersed in electromagnetics and electrobiology at institutions like the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

After almost a decade working with EMFs intimately, this guide includes my most crucial insights and knowledge.

It is the ultimate starting point for anyone concerned about the looming EMF threat.

In Addition, You'll Get These Exclusive Bonuses

  • 🔉 Complete Audio Book: Listen whilst you're walking, driving or simply chilling at home... Forget reading, sit back and listen at your convenience.
  • 🔎 Access EMF Exposure Test: Get your EMF exposure checked and scored so you know just how much you're being impacted.

Gain Control Over EMFs: Get Your Copy of Cracking the EMF Code

Protect Your Well-being: Embrace Cracking the EMF Code and Take Charge. 🔑 Unlock Your Complete Guide + Audiobook for FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the Guide?

Embark on a journey into the world of non-native EMFs, those invisible yet pervasive forces shaping our modern lives. Within these pages, gain exclusive insights into the different types of EMFs and learn how they affect us.

Discover a user-friendly tool to measure your own EMF exposure, empowering you to make informed choices. Uncover a simple yet powerful hack to experience almost zero EMFs.

Navigate the landscape of genuine EMF protection with clarity, avoiding common pitfalls and scams. This guide is your essential companion in understanding the impact of EMFs on your health and well-being.

How long is it?

The guide is around a 35 minute read, however don't be fooled - it's absolutely packed full of everything you need to know about EMFs.

There's nothing I can't stand more than a 200+ page book that waffles on and on. 'Cracking the EMF Code' is straight to the point, no fluff and full of golden nuggets.

What bonuses are included?

In addition to the guide, you'll also receive the audiobook version along with access to our EMF Exposure tool. This tool allows you to gauge your personal level of exposure to EMFs, providing valuable insights into your environment.

With both the guide and the tool at your disposal, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions about managing your EMF exposure effectively.

What if I'm wanting to get protected from EMFs?

For those ready to get genuinely protected, within the guide is an exclusive invite to initiate the process of eliminating EMFs from your life. Serving as a gateway to genuine protection, our guide equips you with the essential knowledge needed before you begin protecting yourself.