Simple EMF Sensitivity Test Anyone Can Do

Simple EMF Sensitivity Test Anyone Can Do
Cities are hotspots for elevated levels of non-native electromagnetic radiation.

I’m going to reveal something so powerful, yet very simple to do. It’s actually the ultimate EMF sensitivity test to see just how much EMFs are affecting you.

I’ve been recommending this to clients for years. It can help you with a number of things:

  1. Help you find out if it’s truly EMFs that are affecting you.
  2. To see how it feels to stop the onslaught of all 4 EMFs.
  3. To understand the importance of living in a low EMF home and environment.

But let’s start in a cabin within the Australian alps. Where someone’s life was changed forever.

The cabin in the mountains

I was in my late 20s when I decided to get a property in the mountains. With great fortune, I found some land with incredible views, plus the remoteness I was seeking.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that something quite incredible was taking place. I started feeling lighter, as if a dense energy had left my body when staying there.

The biggest revelation was my incredible sleeps with the most vivid dreams. Something I’d never experienced living in the city.

cabin in the mountains
The cabin in the mountains led to an awakening moment – that completely changed my life.

At this time I had very little EMF awareness, however my intuition put me straight onto it. When I would travel back to the city, I could almost feel the density and heaviness in my body. Subtle, but definitely there.

Was this all in my head? I began trying to understand what exactly was going on. I started telling friends, “it has to be the cell towers!”. I knew there was none anywhere near the cabin.

Little did I know at the time, not only was it cell towers… It was a whole host of things emitting harmful EMFs back in the city:

  1. Radiofrequency radiation from radar systems, WiFi, wireless tech, cell towers, neighbors tech, cell phones and smart meters / solar systems.
  2. Magnetic fields from net currents, stray currents, power lines, home wiring and substations.
  3. Electric fields from home wiring, main electrical runs, point of attachment and incorrectly grounded homes.
  4. High frequency voltage transients from solar, smart meters, lighting and neighborhoods with ‘dirty power’.

This final test I did will blow your mind. A few years later, I purchased some of the most advanced EMF detection equipment available.

Inside the cabin (and outside) there was virtually none of the 4 EMFs present. This was not only because of the remoteness, but also due to the cabin having no power or wireless technologies.

The cabin in the mountains was a life changing point in my life.

Kosciuszko mountains in the Australian alpine region, close to the cabin.

Ultimate EMF sensitivity test

No doubt where you are right now, you’re being exposed to elevated levels of each 4 EMF of concern. However, what if you wanted to replicate the extremely low EMF environment that my cabin experienced?

It is possible with the emf sensitivity test I’m about to reveal. Even if you wanted to achieve this in the next hour or so.

This would let you feel for yourself, exactly how it feels to be in a truly natural state of being. Without the onslaught of EMFs we endure 24/7.

All you need to do is get out into nature. However, not just any nature. It’s important to go somewhere:

  • With dense foliage (rainforest, national park etc).
  • Away from other people. Ideally, with little to no cell phone (mobile) reception.
  • …and where there’s no man-made structures (power lines, cell towers etc).

A quiet hiking trail is perfect.

I’ve tested many such locations, with highly sensitive equipment. All four EMFs here should be very low.

A hiking trail with dense foliage away from built-up areas provides the perfect EMF sensitivity test.

Important: turn your cell phone off as soon as you start the walk. Also leave anything else wireless at home (AirPods etc).

Stand or sit down and take some moments to relax. Now you know how it feels and have a baseline.

And anytime you need to escape EMFs, you now know exactly what to do.

Bringing the low EMF home

What if you now want to bring this natural low-EMF environment home? This has been the goal of hundreds of my clients all around the world.

A regular home has lots of things going on in it when it comes to EMFs. There’s not only high exposures coming from within the house, but also from well beyond it.

To create a low EMF home, every single source of radiation must be identified and mitigated independently.

Removing the EMFs from a stray current is VERY different to removing electric fields for a main electrical run.

EMF levels in homes
Average EMF exposures within homes (red) compared to German health based guidelines (green).

Unfortunately, many fall victim to EMFs scams. Thinking that plugging in a magical dongle or wearing a pendant will protect them from all harmful EMFs.

This is a complete fantasy that my article on EMF Protection Scams covers in great depth.

How to bring the natural low-EMF environment back to your home? Book a free EMF Discovery Call to find out how.

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from EMFs.

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