Simple EMF Sensitivity Test Anyone Can Do

Simple EMF Sensitivity Test Anyone Can Do

I’m going to reveal something extremely powerful in this article. It’s what I call the ultimate EMF sensitivity test.

I’ve been recommending this to clients for years. It can help with a number of things:

  1. To find out if it’s non-native EMFs that are causing your symptoms.
  2. To see for yourself how it feels to be in a very low EMF environment – similar to what our ancestors experienced.
  3. For understanding why it’s beneficial for your health and wellbeing to be living in a natural low EMF home.

But let’s start in a cabin within the Australian alps. Where someone’s life was changed forever.

The cabin in the mountains

I was in my late 20s when I decided to get a property in the mountains. With great fortune, I found some land with incredible views, plus the remoteness I was seeking.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that something quite incredible was taking place. I started feeling lighter, as if a dense energy had left my body when staying there.

The biggest revelation was my incredible sleeps with the most vivid dreams. Something I’d never experienced living in the city.

cabin in the mountains
The cabin in the mountains led to an awakening moment – that completely changed my life.

At this time I had very little EMF awareness, however my intuition put me straight onto it. When I would travel back to the city, I could almost feel the density and heaviness in my body. Subtle, but definitely there.

Was this all in my head? I began trying to understand what exactly was going on. I started telling friends, “it has to be the cell towers!”. I knew there was none anywhere near the cabin.

Little did I know at the time, not only was it cell towers… It was a whole host of things emitting harmful EMFs back in the city:

  1. Radiofrequency radiation from radar systems, WiFi, wireless tech, cell towers, neighbors tech, cell phones and smart meters / solar systems.
  2. Magnetic fields from net currents, stray currents, power lines, home wiring and substations.
  3. Electric fields from home wiring, main electrical runs, point of attachment and incorrectly grounded homes.
  4. High frequency voltage transients from solar, smart meters, lighting and neighborhoods with ‘dirty power’.

This final test I did will blow your mind. A few years later, I purchased some of the most advanced EMF detection equipment available.

Inside the cabin (and outside) there was virtually none of the 4 EMFs present. This was not only because of the remoteness, but also due to the cabin having no power or wireless technologies.

The cabin in the mountains was a life changing point in my life.

Kosciuszko mountains in the Australian alpine region, close to the cabin.

Ultimate EMF sensitivity test

No doubt where you are right now, you’re being exposed to elevated levels of each 4 EMF of concern. However, what if you wanted to replicate the extremely low EMF environment that my cabin experienced?

It is possible with the emf sensitivity test I’m about to reveal. Even if you wanted to achieve this in the next hour or so.

This will let you feel for yourself, exactly how it feels to be in a truly natural environment without the onslaught of EMFs we endure 24/7.

So how does the EMF sensitivity test work?

All you need to do is get out into nature. However, not just any nature. It’s important to go somewhere:

  1. With dense foliage – the more dense, the better (rainforest, national park etc).
  2. Not out in the open somewhere exposed (lookout, mountain top, location with a view).
  3. Well away from other people that could potentially have phones / wireless tech on them.
  4. At least 1 km (3,280 ft) away from high voltage transmission power lines and 100 m (328 ft) from street (distribution) power lines.
  5. An area away from cell towers, radar systems, military bases and airports.

A quiet hiking trail is perfect. It doesn’t have to be remote.

I’ve tested many such locations, with highly sensitive equipment. If you follow the 5 rules above, all four EMFs here should be very low – likely close to zero.

A hiking trail with dense foliage away from built-up areas provides the perfect EMF sensitivity test.

Important: turn your cell phone off at the start of your journey. Also leave anything else wireless at home (AirPods, smartwatch etc).

If you’re concerned about safety, then take a friend. Remember, the rule above applies to both of you.

Try and spend some time in this environment. Go for a hike if you like, and take a break every couple of minutes to focus on how you’re feeling.

Remember, the whole point of this test is to see if you improve and your symptoms subside. Take of mental note of this.

Now you know how it feels and have a baseline. And anytime you need to escape EMFs, you know exactly what to do.

Elevate Your Well-Being with Cracking the EMF Code: Your Key to Revealing the Invisible EMF Threat

Bringing the low EMF home

What if you now want to bring this natural low-EMF environment home? This has been the goal of hundreds of my clients all around the world.

A regular home has lots of things going on in it when it comes to EMFs. There’s not only high exposures coming from within the house, but also from well beyond.

To create a healthy and natural low EMF home, all EMF hazards need to be diagnosed and mitigated.

Try getting this around your head… There’s 4 non-native EMFs of concern causing around 75 ‘EMF hazards’, yet coming from 100’s of different sources.

Unfortunately, homes are also one of the most polluted environments when it comes to artificial EMF exposures.

When most people think of EMFs, they think RF from wireless technology. However, this is just 1 of 4 ‘non-native EMFs’ that are affecting your health.

Take a look at the graph below. The red shows what you’re being exposed to in most homes (averaged). It has been compared to the ‘maximum safe level’ (green) as recommended by the IBN in Germany.

This data was compiled from hundreds of EMF inspections conducted in Australia by Biome Living Services.

EMF levels in homes
Average EMF exposures within homes (red) compared to German health based guidelines (green).

To make matters worse, EMF mitigation can be tricky. Removing health destroying AC magnetic fields from a stray current is very different to removing electric fields from a main electrical run.

Many people also fall victim to EMF scams. Thinking that being near a harmonizer dome or wearing a shungite pendant will protect them.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. My exposé on EMF Protection Scams has covered this in depth and is now nearing over 100,000 reads.

However, amongst all this confusion and misinformation, there are qualified specialists that can help. Trained professionals by organizations such as the Australian College for Environmental Studies.

Here at Biome Living, we have been transforming homes into natural low EMF environments for over half a decade.

If you’re looking to bring that healthy low-EMF environment found in nature back to your home – then we’re here to help you achieve it.

See how easy it is to transform your home into a healthy low-EMF space by checking out our products and services.

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

  1. The love of my life is bleeding out of her nose, she hears louder than her own voice, all the neighbors surrounding us with their own personal 5G wifi routers, and everywhere you look outside there are 5G towers visible, I am not kidding at all here, the transmission sounds are horrific, no sleep for at least 3 or 4 days at a time while bodily getting shocked, the heart also, nonstop 24/7, this is hell itself, and I hear them also just not as loud, and when the power goes out, all of the noise and symptoms just go away.
    She is going through chemotherapy symptoms exactly too with all of this, it’s not going to end, and no one will help at all, NO ONE!!!!!
    An Australian company totally ripped us off with a plug in device, that finished my trust in a well mannered liar.
    Everything costs money, life itself today, and criminals everywhere to deal with, this is their world, this is their technology, and we pay them to do this to us, and all of it could be much more healthy and secure if it was just kept within the wires, I know you perfectly understand that terminology, but no one wants to listen today. Going home soon, Amen-

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