What EMF Protection Products Do We Recommend?

People have been sold the idea that there is a product they buy, and then they’re protected from EMFs.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

This would be like a fake doctor claiming his pill (product) magically heals all ailments. No diagnosis required.

These claims are usually made by someone unqualified trying to persuade you to buy one of their deceptive EMF protection products.

Products based on complete pseudoscience and the placebo effect.

These products include pendants, harmonizers, protection stickers, shungite, orgone, crystals and wall plug-ins.

They demand your blind trust that they’re doing something. All whilst the radiation hitting your body remains unchanged.

They do nothing to stop the radiation from hitting and harming your body. This can be proven by anyone with an EMF meter.

Neither do they put out some sort of frequency that neutralizes EMFs. There’s no frequency that overrides another and voids its damaging effects.

Remember, we’re dealing with physics – often significant amounts of radiation traveling at near the speed of light. We need to counter-act it with physics.

I won’t spend more time on these scam products here. However, it’s the perfect introduction to where this kind of thinking has originated from.

To learn more on these scam products, see my article: EMF Protection Scams Exposed.

How Does EMF Mitigation Work?

At Biome Living, we work in accordance with the principles of Baubiologie and use precautionary standards provided by the Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit IBN in Germany.

We are trained and qualified in the area of non-native electromagnetic radiation, including testing, electrobiology and field mitigation.

You see a naturopath or doctor to be properly assessed to form a diagnosis, to then be provided with the best treatment method(s).

The same is true for EMFs and their mitigation.

First, we must assess your home’s external surroundings, its electrical systems, structural composition and your habits to form a diagnosis of all EMF hazards.

We then provide our professional recommendations for the mitigation of each EMF hazard. This is all based on what we discover during the assessment.

There’s over 100 potential EMF hazards coming from 4 different types of EMFs. Then there’s over 150 mitigation strategies, techniques and engineering methods that we advise on.

What mitigation strategies we recommend is dependent on what EMF hazards we diagnose.

Each EMF hazard is mitigated separately from another. This is because each has distinct characteristics that require very different approaches for their mitigation.

…But What Are The Products?

We only advise on cutting-edge techniques, strategies and engineering methods that lead to a significant reduction in radiation.

This means, only mitigation that can be scientifically tested to reduce or remove the radiation completely.

95% of the 150+ mitigation strategies we advise on do not involve purchasing any ‘product’.

Instead, it’s a series of strategies, techniques and engineering methods. We are trained specialists who assess and advise you, we do not sell any ‘products’.

EMF Mitigation Example:
We may discover an elevated body voltage in your bedroom. This disrupts your sleep and melatonin production.

There are 5 different strategies we use for this specific situation. Which one we would recommend to you will depend on what we observed during the assessment.

One strategy would be to get your electrician to install a simple and cheap engineering trick to remove this EMF entirely.

No product is involved.

There are 100+ potential EMF hazards that could be affecting you and your home. This is just an example of one of them.

Non-native EMFs have been shown to cause significant impacts on quality of sleep.

What’s The Cost?

Now that you understand how EMF mitigation works, you’ll likely already know the answer to this question.

The cost to mitigate EMFs depends on what we discover during your assessment. It ranges from free to thousands.

However, if your budget is limited, we can always advise on the most cost-effective mitigation strategies.

Many of these cost absolutely nothing or just a couple of dollars. We also have quite a few tricks up our sleeve to save you money.

Cost Example:
Recently, we assessed an apartment that had elevated exposures to all 4 EMFs. One of which was 57 times higher than our ‘extreme level’.

We successfully reduced EMF exposures by 99.9% costing a total of $75 for the mitigation.

94% of the strategies advised cost the client less than $25.

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