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safe space free from harmful EMFs.

EMFs in the Home

Hazardous EMFs are found elevated in most homes

Non-native EMFs are man-made forms of electromagnetic radiation created by various technologies.

These invisible class 2B carcinogens negatively affect most homes and those living inside them.

Cells towers, power lines, solar systems and wireless technologies are just a few sources of EMFs.


They wreak havoc on health

These forms of harmful radiation silently penetrate your body causing DNA and cell damage + a whole host of serious health issues.

There's now thousands of studies worldwide linking electromagnetic fields to negative biological effects - from sleeping problems to cancer.

See the harmful effects

Electric Fields

AC electric fields agitate the body robbing you of energy and sleep

Magnetic Fields

AC magnetic fields wreak havoc on your body and is linked to leukemia

Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity exposes you to some of the most toxic frequencies

RF Radiation

RF radiation causes a cascade of health issues from infertility to cancer

Thousands of studies show harm, the science is done.

Watch the video - Adverse health effects of EMFs

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New York Times best selling author

“The most dangerous pollution affecting you is the invisible sea of EMFs your body swims in daily.”

Dr Mercola
Dr. Mercola
Founder - Worlds #1 Health Site

World renowned physician

“EMFs are undoubtedly one of the biggest threats to health. There are undeniable links to autism and many other diseases.”

Dr Klinghardt
Dr. Klinghardt
Klinghardt Institute