EMF Protection Scams: Exposed by an Expert

EMF Protection Scams: Exposed by an Expert

There’s not a week that goes by when I’m not asked about the many EMF protection scams for sale.

“Which plug-in harmonizer should I buy”…

“Is the sticker on my phone protecting me?”.

As an electromagnetic radiation specialist trained in electromagnetics and EMR mitigation, every time I’m asked these questions, I feel deeply disappointed.

Why? Well, to understand the complete picture, it requires a bit of explaining. It also goes against a complete fantasy most have in their heads.

EMF scams such as these stickers do nothing to lower exposures.
What a genius idea… Stickers that look like solid gold to magically absorb EMFs!

Just plug it in, problem solved

So what do you want…? You want the ‘one product‘ to solve all your EMF concerns’ – right?. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it simply does not exist.

There is something you can do though, and I’ll tell you in a bit.

Let’s just stop and think for a moment… We’re dealing with physics and radiation traveling at almost the speed of light. So how is a hologram sticker on your phone going to protect you? It’s going to have to defy the laws of physics – that’s how.

With even the most basic knowledge in science and physics, the red flags for many of these EMF scams start popping up – and FAST

Still, millions of dollars are siphoned off each and every year from naive consumers simply believing the claims of those promoting such products.

I need to make this very clear. If someone claims to sell a ‘physical product’ that protects you from all EMFs – they are absolutely LYING to you.

That’s unless they’re selling you a black hole. In which case, EMFs cannot escape – but neither would you!

These EMF scam products are extremely successful at robbing people of their money (and health) because:

  1. They know you desire a quick fix. A ‘miracle solution’ that you simply plug in, wear or stick-on your devices and all your problems are solved – a complete fantasy.
  2. They’re betting on that fact that you know very little about how physics and electromagnetic fields actually work.
Many EMF protection scams are based on complete pseudoscience.
Typical physics defying ‘Harmonizer’ plugin

How they work is a secret, sorry!

Most of these EMF scams are being sold under one shady claim: That the product re-tunes harmful frequencies into coherent energy that no longer does damage to your DNA.

This is the common story that’s repeated, often interchanged with sci-ency sounding buzzwords such as ‘scaler energy’ and ‘resonance technology’.

What is the process by which the product re-harmonises noxious EMFs? They won’t tell you because they don’t know. And what about the attenuation factor? Again, they can’t tell you because they attenuate at zero dB = absolutely nothing.

There’s never any technical data on how this is achieved or any legitimate peer reviewed studies backing anything up.

Often, to convince their next target, there’ll be links to studies that are complete shams. These studies are typically conducted by the same person or from organisations containing words such as ‘Quantum’ and ‘Energy Medicine’.

They know that it will only be the 5% who actually read the studies. And if you do, you’ll discover that they are nothing but clever marketing tools to convince the naive. Most read like a grade 6 science project and are only a few pages long.

Want to know the real nail in the coffin…?

No reduction in radiation

These EMF protection scams do not reduce your exposure to EMFs in any way. The radiation is still hitting and penetrating your body. The damage is still being done.

I’ve tested countless products using some of the most advanced electromagnetic radiation detection equipment available. This includes the HFW59D, HF59B, NFA1000, body voltage and DE meters.

Orgone (orgonite), shungite, crystals, plug-in harmonizers, energy domes, energy pendants, protection stickers – all do absolutely nothing to reduce any of the 4 EMFs of concern.

Just some of my professional testing equipment I’ve used to test countless products.

This is no different to a health supplement claiming to ‘protect you from cigarette smoke’. Don’t worry, “just keep breathing the smoke in, and you’ll be fine because you’re taking our supplement…”.

Exactly what the creators of these EMF scams are proposing.

So what would you rather? To remove the smoke completely (ie the cigarettes) or something to keep you breathing the toxic smoke in and telling you “don’t worry it’s eliminating all harm”.

“You can trust us…”.

Furthermore, when the claim is made of “protecting you from EMFs”. They are implying to protect you from all of them… Radio frequency radiation, high frequency voltage transients, AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields.

This is laughable for anyone qualified in the field, and are absolute lies.

Elevate Your Well-Being with Cracking the EMF Code: Your Key to Revealing the Invisible EMF Threat

Hey!! Don’t look inside!!

Now for the real test! What is this incredible physics-defying technology being used?

Do they generate a black hole?!

Well, there’s only one way to find out – let’s open these scam products up!

With many of these so-called EMF scams costing a hefty sum. Yes, I’ve seen some costing as high as $4,000! The last thing the manufacturer expects – is for you to open it up and ruin its super-powers, right?

Well that’s just what a bunch of people have done.

Let’s have a look at what they found…

Here’s two different wall plug ins, the first with a ceramic epoxy and well… nothing else. The second has nothing but some ‘magical clay inside’.

This is what one customer had to say:

“So with this thing in hand, I wanted to see the amazing technology that negates physics; to discern what the learned scholars (who no doubt would earn a Nobel Prize for their efforts) discovered! The answer: goop.

Yup. The physics-defying technology involved appears to be little more than a dollop of cheap ceramic epoxy crammed over the ends of a $0.58 outlet plug!”

And here’s another – the popular ‘Blushield’, with nothing but some radiation busting LED lights inside. Groundbreaking technology right there folks!

I guess they thought at the extortion price they’re selling these for, that no one would dare open it up to see what’s inside!

Here’s what an electrical engineer had to say:

“I’m an electrical engineer with a PhD and over 30 years of R&D experience with RF, analog, and digital circuitry and decades of design experience on a variety of products. A friend of mine had purchased one of these devices and said he felt like it might be helping him. Being highly skeptical of the whole premise advertised by the manufacturer, I asked him if I could open it to examine the insides and he obliged me.

Upon opening, it was immediately obvious that there is nothing contained in these units that will do anything more than blink the LEDs. Once I explained that to my friend, it wasn’t long before he admitted it was doing nothing for him. But he said he was embarrassed for paying all that money and had been trying to convince himself that it actually worked.

As another commenter said, the people selling these EMF protection scams should be ashamed of themselves. As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” and these people are cashing in.”

Endangering peoples lives

Reality is, these products are assisting in destroying peoples health by giving them a false sense of security. Those being exposed to high levels of EMR could now think they’re completely safe.

This is extremely dangerous and the people selling these products should be held responsible for the damage they’re doing.

I’ve been contacted by several people trying to bring those involved in selling such EMF scams to justice. Take a look at what one of them had to say:

How to avoid EMF scams

What can you do to avoid the EMF protection scams being sold?

  1. Avoid any protection device that plugs directly into a power outlet. The only exception is dirty electricity filters (Greenwave etc.) – these are legitimate for reducing high frequency voltage transients riding along your homes wiring.
  2. Avoid pendants, bracelets and jewelry items. They do not ‘harmonize’ EMFs.
  3. Avoid orgone, domes, rocks and crystals (shungite etc.). There is no magical shield these generate. Nice to look at and possibly wear but not for any sort of protection.
  4. Hologram stickers cannot and do not provide any protection – avoid!
Orgone crystal pyramid EMF scams
Orgone crystal pyramid – the metal coil and crystals do not magically reduce your EMF exposure.

So what works then!?

Now for the good news! There are solutions to almost every EMF related problem we face. If there’s anything to take away from this guide…

The solution is never found in one magical physics-defying plastic dongle, pyramid or pendant.

Protecting yourself from EMFs requires a multifaceted approach which includes many different mitigation strategies and techniques. All depending on the type of electromagnetic field we’re dealing with, the exposure level and what it’s coming from.

As a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist, first I take a look at your environment, home and habits. Then I put together a step-by-step EMF Protection Plan that’s unique to your living environment. Follow this, and you’ll be protected from all four EMFs of concern – with exposure reductions as high as 99.99%!

Best yet, unlike the scam protections we’ve discussed – the results can be tested and verified using any electromagnetic field meter.

And that’s the ultimate test.

Here in Australia, we’ve transformed hundreds of homes into harmonious low-EMF living spaces. Also completed are multiple low-EMF homes designed by us from the ground up!

When it comes to EMFs, a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist will look at everything from the power lines outside your home, to nearby radar systems, cell towers, lighting, solar – even your water pipes!

In fact, there’s 75+ checks we complete as part of the EMF Protection Protocol™.

As of Dec 2021, the EMF Protection Protocol is now available world-wide. So no matter where you’re located, we’re able to assess and advise you remotely using our revolutionary new protocol system.

This is the world’s only expert designed protocol that puts a stop to your exposures from all 4 hazardous EMFs of concern.

The Ultimate EMF Protection Protocol™ Designed by Experts

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

This article was originally posted on 12/12/19. It has been updated and expanded in May 2024 – wow time flies!

  1. EMFs / millimetre wave technology are dismembering tissue connections in our body and coagulating our blood. Both phenomena increase our disease potential and for those of us that are sensitive and can detect them where and when they exist, rob us of sleep and peace. They are also military weapons used in part to dispel crowds. To think that the marketplace can solve this problem is a nice idea but I seriously doubt it. About 2 years ago I stopped using cell phone and wifi and use landline and ethernet cable. 2 years later I am noticing an increase in the noxious sensation of emf exposure within and without the house! I am considering whole house protection. But then what will protect me when I leave the house? This is a big problem in both scope and in effect.

  2. Hi, Matt. So why don’t you reccomend canopies when they protect you while sleeping? The most important time to be protected is when sleeping right? You say grounding in bed do more harm then good. Even when grounded to earth outside and not through house outlet? Hmmm…


    1. Hi Andreas in situations where the RF cannot be removed from its source, canopies can be an option however they will increase the RF exposure in the room around it from reflection and refraction. I’m not talking about a grounded material you are not keeping connected to your body (bed canopies). What is dangerous is grounding products such as sheets etc that you are grounding yourself to, whether that be to the electrical grounds or even if it is to a seperate electrode in ground outside. Grounding your body should always be done well away from suburbia ideally in national parks and places well away from the electrical and cell grid. Most people would be very surprised as to how polluted the ground is these days as a lot of electricity is actually finding its way back to transformers via the ground instead of the neutral conductor back onto the power lines.

  3. So, smart meters pollute your home electricals so you have RF coming off your wiring..
    Question: If you keep as much unplugged as possible, would that decrease the pollution from the smart meter?

    1. Hi Nancy, potentially it can reduce the dirty electricity coming off your wiring yes, however the problem these days is what’s beyond your home. For example… the 200 homes down the road that have solar (and smart meters) that are polluting the entire power distribution in the neighborhood. I’m seeing this more and more. It then comes into your home via the main service drop and gets onto all your wiring.

  4. Hi Matt

    I live in the UK. I have been searching for a qualified Electromagnetic Specialist without success. Do you know if there is a register available?



  5. Oh wow, and living in a apartment complex surrounded by many Wi-Fi Routers, power poles and 20 smart meters all lined up on one wall. I’ve been searching for awhile for an emf/RF reader . I’d like to get an idea about levels at various locations and to bring awareness. Can you recommend a set or unit that is accurate and not over $1,000?

  6. Hi Matt –
    Have you heard of youremfshield.com? Website selling EMF protection necklaces at $99 each. Doesn’t claim to block 100%.
    Seems to be fairly recent on the market. Here’s a direct text copy/paste off part of their website about the product:

    “When you hold your Defense Pendant, you’ll immediately feel the solid weight of its specially designed center.
    Between the sleek front and back layers, a disk of black tourmaline along with 36 other minerals is hidden.
    This is the “magic” that generates 10,000 negative ions to balance your personal electric field.
    The minerals in the pendant work permanently, so you’ll be protected for years to come.”

    Haven’t bought one and suspicious of scam. Just wondered if you could take a look and let me know what you think. Your response could also help others who are searching for Truth about this – — searches on scams re this specific product/company have so far only produced what looks like “scam” positive reviews.


  7. I need to figure out how to block as much EMF as possible. We have a 5G tower across the street .01 miles away. Also, the phone pole is 10 ft from the bedroom window. We moved the bed away from the smart meter which was 4 ft from the headboard. Something is wrong with the house electric which is blowing out receptacles. And we just had solar installed about a month ago. Now when the male comes home from work he can’t do anything through his instant splitting headache. Some days he can’t sleep and then he seems drugged or retarded. I feel bad for him. I need to fix it. Every house in the cul-de-sac has at least 1 sick person. Cancer, Parkinson’s, Heart Problems,
    I would like to train to be a certified expert myself but first fix the immediate problems in this house.

    1. You’re welcome Bonnie! Unless the QI products are creating a black hole, then they are not protecting you from all 4 EMFs of concern. These pendants, plug-ins, harmonisers and stickers do absolutely nothing to reduce the radiation hitting your body. I’ve tested most of these products with the most advanced electromagnetic radiation testing equipment available in the world. All they do is create a false sense of security. We’re dealing with physics, so we need to counteract EMFs with physics. Keep an eye out for the ‘EMF Protection Protocol’ releasing soon. I’m going to reveal every single mitigation and protection strategy that I’ve used to achieve incredible exposure reductions – as high as 99.99%!

  8. Hi Matt. I was wondering what you thought about emf-harmony.com? I have a tower 3/10 of a mile from my house and was thinking of buying from Blueshield before I came across your article. Thank you!

    1. Check out Y-shield and their shielding paints. I do not recommend stickers, harmonizers or any other such products.

  9. Good to know before I go down the rabbit hole on a website of emf stuff..i don’t need anything else on my phone besides case, screen protector and my pop socket.

  10. Do any stickers for phones etc help? Worried about my kids who carry their phones constantly? Is there ANY benefit?

  11. So here’s the million dollar question. You said instead of buying one of these, you should have a certified EMR specialist come to your home…. ok, then what?! What would they advise me to do if I have a ton, which I know we do? So now I’ve spent money on a specialist and what they would recommend….

    1. Hi Kristen,

      That’s no different to asking a doctor for a remedy without being able to assess, diagnose or know any of the symptoms. It’s impossible and dangerous. There’s 100s of mitigation stategies I’ve used over the years for EMFs – need to know the source of the EMF, the type of EMF and strength.

  12. U just saved my ass from buying the EMF HARMONIZED…SMFH…its a shame… we are all just destin to be the sheep slayed as they are allready doing so… sad…God and Godspeed the only way…Godbless you…thanks xo

    1. There are solutions that work very well at reflecting the radiation – look towards Yshield products. For protection outside I recommend .

  13. Mark,

    The blushield product does not block or disrupt existing emf. Instead it is said to emit an ever shifting pulsed (Schumann) resonance that is beneficial to living organisms. Your body tunes into this frequency, and the polluting emf’s cease to be an active pollutant.

    While it seems like this could negate some of the effects, that we would be conscious of, headaches, loss of concentration, seems existing emf would still effect you on a cellular level.

    An interesting aspect of EMF they mention on their website is the scalar component. It can’t be blocked. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks, Brandon

    1. There is no evidence that the Schumann resonance in any way can counteract the damage that microwave radiation (hitting you at the speed of light) causes. It’s simply a DC magnetic field from electrical charge build up in the atmosphere.

      1. Thanks! I was about to buy one of those resonance generators. I’m unfortunately in a household where nobody wants to hear about the dangers of emfs, and “need” their high speed wifi all the time, plus you have the neighbor’s wifi coming through all the time. Wish I had the money for something that really helps, since I’ve already tried a grounding mat, and that did absolutely nothing to help my insomnia, and those Qi devices (recommended by Ty and Charlene Bollinger of The Truth about Cancer) are too expensive for me.

        1. Hi Jonathan,
          Grounding sheets and mats do worse than good. The reason being is when connected you are now the best path for EMFs to ground out. If we could see EMFs you’d seeing them racing towards you like a magnet. We see induced currents in the body as these EMFs travel through you to the grounding mat. Not recommended!! Keep in mind also that the buildings electrical grounding system is usually quite dirty, not something you want to be connected to! Grounding in nature away from EMFs on the other hand is great and something we should do as much as we can.

          1. Hi Matt,
            Would it mean then that the tesla grounding bags are good or bad for stopping EMF’s?

  14. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for your article. I live very close to the power lines.
    I panned to install wire mesh in my attic and paint my rooms with the black pain advertised as a protector against the EMF. Can you please tell me what do you think about this expense?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Dumitru, you’d want to get out an electromagnetic radiation specialist or building biologist to properly assess the home before implementing anything like that. Paint is going to do nothing in relation to the ‘shielding’ of EMR from power lines.

  15. Hi Matt. Thank you for your article. I have a neighbor who wants to put a special EMF cover on our Smart Meter. I was going to just let her do it, but it may affect our billing by only giving us an estimate of usage. What are your thoughts on Smart Meters and their dangers? She thinks it’s causing headaches, etc.

    1. They emit high levels of microwave radiation and also pollute the homes electricals so you have RF coming off your wiring. They are a health hazard in my view.

      1. Hi,
        What are your thoughts on bed canopies that create a faraday cage effect?
        Also, I see you said that smart meters can dirty up the existing wiring of the house. Does a solar inverter do this too?

        1. Hi Kirsten, bed canopies work but with a few downsides. I don’t usually recommend them because it only provides protection whilst sleeping. And we see many issues when they are earthed into the buildings grounding system. Yes solar inverters create significant dirty electricity, which then radiates off all your walls from the home’s wiring.

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