What are EMFs? The Invisible Forces Harming Your Health

You may have heard of the term EMF but what exactly does it mean? In this guide you’ll find out exactly what are EMFs and how they’re negatively affecting billions of people around the world today.

You’ll also discover the four types of EMFs that you’re likely unaware of, the harmful effects of these silent forces and what you can do about it.

What are EMFs? The Basics..

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields which are invisible charged particles that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They occur both naturally and from man made sources.

All EMFs contain both an electrical and magnetic component.

The E in EMF represents Electric fields which a generated by voltage. If for example you have a cable charging your phone, this will give off high levels of Electrical fields from the voltage in the cable.

The M in EMF represents Magnetic fields which are created by the flow of current. High voltage power lines as an example have a large magnetic field coming off the wires from the current flowing through the wires.

The most common types of EMFs that people will encounter in their daily lives come from:

  • Incorrect household wiring
  • Household appliances – hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, fans etc.
  • Power Lines, substations, electrical cables, cell phone chargers etc.
  • Wireless devices – cell towers, cell phones, WIFI routers, smart meters, wireless headphones, smart watches, computers etc.
The electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum showing both frequencies and wavelength

The 4 types of EMFs to be aware of

Most people are aware of the radiation coming off their cell phone or from their WIFI router but this is just one type of EMF.

There are 4 main types as recognized and tested by building biologists around the world. These are:

  1. Electric Fields from house wiring and plastic AC cords, particularly in sleeping ares.
  2. Magnetic Fields from house wiring, wiring errors, current on the grounding system, overhead power lines and substations.
  3. Radio Frequencies from wireless devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless telephones, and smart meters.
  4. Harmonic frequencies of Dirty Electricity from dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), variable speed furnace motors, and other sources.

So as you can see, it’s not just WIFI radiation that we have to be concerned about. Our bodies are being bombarded 24/7 by invisible energy fields coming from many different sources.

Unfortunately as society demands more technology, our exposure to these harmful fields is only going to get worse.

5G is a good example of this, which is going to result in many more cell transmitters being placed in addition to the already active 3 and 4G cells.

emf sources
Just a few of the many sources of harmful EMF radiation

A multi-billion dollar cover up

There’s now hundreds of independent scientific studies showing that non-ionizing EMFs are extremely harmful. Yet these are quietly mentioned publicly or routinely swept under the rug.

Many of the studies are coming out of Europe where there’s much stricter exposure limits and a far higher awareness of the harmful health effects.

When billions of dollars are involved in an industry you can very easily see why anything negative to do with it would be kept quiet.

Just like the tobacco industry the harmful health effects of smoking for many decades were kept quiet. Smoking was even being recommended by doctors in commercials!

The sad state of humanity is that when big money is involved, usually the money wins out over the associated health risks – at least in the short term.

That is until it becomes blatantly obvious and people start getting sick.

To make matters worse much of the studies concluding that EMFs and non-ionizing radiation are completely safe are being funded by the industry selling the technology themselves.

cell phone industry biased studies
Evidence of meddling results and industry bias studies are everywhere

The hazardous health effects

The most concerning thing about EMFs is that unlike cigarette smoke, they can’t be seen, smelt or heard. Most people are completely unaware that the actual biology of their body is being affected by these harmful and invisible energy fields.

Though for a small percentage of the population they can actually be felt. These people have what’s called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

Many of these people have developed this 6th sense after high exposure levels. It’s a way of the body saying “enough is enough!”.

I’d put a bet that even if you’re not sensitive to EMFs you would indeed feel the physical effects if you were to get right up close to certain cell towers (please don’t try this!).

The biological health affects of EMFs and non ionizing radiation have been studied since the late 1970s and is now extensive.

In 1979 two American researchers, Wertheimer e Leeper, published for the first time the results of a study that demonstrated an increased carcinogenic risk from magnetic fields.

The study noted a far higher occurrence of leukemia in children residing in close proximity to high voltage power lines.

leukemia powerlines
Epidemiological studies of childhood leukemia and residential magnetic field exposure from high voltage power lines indicate a dose-response relationship (from Havas 2007)

Since then, research into the effects of non-ionizing radiation on living matter rapidly expanded. This included studying the effects of radio frequencies, microwaves from cellular telephones and other wireless technologies.

The BioInitiative from the State University of New York is one of the most noteworthy reports where numerous scientists from around the world reviewed over 2,000 studies on EMFs.

They found a strong link between EMFs, cancer and many other health problems.

Harmful biological effects were widely reported, such as:

  • DNA damage
  • tumors
  • cell damage
  • cancers

Many physical symptoms were also cited in hundreds of the independent studies.

Some of these included headaches, sleeping problems, brain fog, neurological issues, fatigue, depressive tendency and cardio-vascular problems.

Dr. Charlie Teo calls for a national Right To Know Law about cellphone radiation

What can you do about it?

Thankfully you can do things to mitigate your exposure to EMFs but it’s important to know where they are coming from.

By now you should have a good general idea of what emits EMFs from reading the first section of this article.

The first important piece of advice is to create distance between you and the source of EMFs. The further distance away from the source the better.

Using a cell phone away from your body will reduce your exposure. Keep in mind that even at 1 – 5 meters (3 – 16 feet) distance from a cell phone you can still be exposed to high levels of radiation of more than 1 mW/m2.

A few things you need to know when it comes to cell phones.

  • Having your phone on airplane mode does indeed shut off all radiation.
  • High amounts of radiation does pass up wired headsets / headphones (when airplane mode is off).
  • There is no safe exposure when using a cell phone. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if it’s an arms length away it’s safe.
  • Keep at least 2 meters (6 feet) away from a phone that is charging. High levels of electric fields are emitted.
airplane mode
Keeping your phone, tablet or computer on airplane mode shuts off all wireless radiation

If you’re living next to a substation or high voltage power lines the best advice may be to move. Magnetic fields are almost impossible to mitigate and they are the most harmful of all EMFs.

Living next to cell phone towers can be mitigated through the use of special wall pants and materials. Solid cement buildings protect against Radio Frequencies well.

Next you’ll want to limit your use of devices emitting EMFs. The less you use them the better.

The last and most important advice is to use alternatives that don’t emit harmful EMFs.

  • Use a wired Ethernet connection to wireless routers (don’t forget to turn WIFI off on both the router and computer).
  • Brush your teeth using an eco friendly bamboo toothbrush instead of an electric one.
  • Go for a traditional shaver over an electric shaver.
  • Dry your hair naturally over using a hairdryer.
  • Avoid anything that has Bluetooth or wireless built in. If no choice make sure that it has the ability to be turned off before you purchase it.

Lastly have your place inspected by a EMF specialist or building biologist in your area.

This will give you a good idea of the radiation exposure in different parts of your home. If you’re in Sydney Biome Living can assist with this.

How do you protect yourself from EMF exposure? Comment below!

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist in Sydney. He also hosts the ‘Invisible EMF Podcast‘ – available on all good podcast apps.

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