Simple EMF Sensitivity Test Anyone Can Do

I’m going to reveal something so powerful, yet very simple to do. It’s actually the ultimate EMF sensitivity test to see just how much EMFs are affecting you.

I’ve been recommending this to clients for years. It can help with a number of things:

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What Does 5G Sound Like? Expert Investigation

5G is now installed and switched on across millions of sites all over the world and so my testing has begun. Many are wondering: what does 5G sound like?

Today I’ll share with you the radiation levels plus the eerie sound of 5G radiation coming off the transmitters.

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How to Find out your EMF Exposure Risk

As EMF exposures continue to soar and the damage mounts – finding out your EMF exposure risk has never been more important.

There’s now thousands of studies showing the adverse health effects from non-native EMFs – from debilitating insomnia to life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

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How to Find Cell Tower Locations

Let’s face it, those of us who know about the dangers of microwave radiation might not exactly want to be living close to a cell tower.

There’s also numerous other transmitters and radar systems that blanket large areas with non-native electromagnetic radiation.

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