TVs Pulse Microwave Radiation 24/7

Welcome to 2019 where 98% of TVs sold emit microwave radiation. This radiation can travel 30 meters – even further from your TV. Most also radiate even when turned off.

When seeking to purchase a low EMF TV our biggest concern is wireless radiation (RF) – that’s from the WIFI or Bluetooth transmitter inside it.

When keeping at least a few meters distance between you and the TV – electric and magnetic fields are of little concern.

Dirty electricity is also emitted from TVs – that’s higher frequencies than the 50/60 Hz used to power it. Since you’ll be sitting back at least a few meters again it is of little concern.

There’s a few problems with buying a new TV today though:
1. It’s getting extremely difficult to find a TV without WIFI.
2. Turning WIFI off in the settings does not stop RF emissions in most TVs

Televisions typically don’t stop emitting RF even when WIFI is switched off in the settings. Many still pulse radiation when the entire TV is switched off.

What to look for?

A low-EMF TV will be one with no wireless capabilities.

I’ll be listing some models at the end of this article. Keep in mind – most of these are older models and may be hard to find.

One alternative is to send a simple email to the TV manufacturer asking for their ‘models with no wireless capabilities’.

Don’t rely on asking the sales assistance in store. Not only may they look at you strangely but they’re likely to have no idea or tell you to just turn off WIFI in the settings (which we know most of the time doesn’t actually switch it off).

What the manufacturers say?

I contacted all major TV manufacturers in Australia to see what they had to say. Was it still possible to buy a low-EMF TV?

Samsung – A few older models may still be available that have no WIFI. Turning off WIFI in settings does not fully turn off radio frequency emissions.

Sony – All models currently have wireless capabilities. We don’t have information whether all radio frequencies can be completely switched off.

This article is a work in progress – stay tuned

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from EMFs.

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