5G Towers Exposed: Up to 40x More Microwave Radiation

The rollout of 5G across Australia and the rest of the world is now in full swing.

Transmitters are being installed at an alarming rate further exposing surrounding communities to even higher levels of microwave radiation. This is on top of the already existing 3G and 4G infrastructure.

What I’m going to be exposing is deeply disturbing and looks into the massive radiation increase from the new 5G infrastructure. Not double or even triple the radiation exposure but over 40 times or more at certain 5G installation sites.

Note: The data in this article comes from official EME reports found on the RFNSA. These reports are a legal requirement prior to telecommunication companies installing new equipment.

The towers in this article are also undergoing minor 4G upgrades, so the total radiation increase can’t solely be blamed on 5G. Nevertheless most this additional radiation is.

This paints a disturbing picture of how transmitters from all generations are being used to create a layering effect of hazardous microwave radiation.

We arn’t just dealing with 5G, we’re dealing with a combination of transmitters from all generations.

Biological effects begin at low levels

What most people don’t know is that you need to be at least 1km away or more from most of these towers for them not to be having any biological effect on you.

All transmitter sites have different exposure levels and there’s numerous other EMFs within homes that require assessing. For peace of mind have an electromagnetic radiation specialist or Building Biologist check & protect your home.

The first biological effects (in humans) for microwave radiation (RF) begins at an exposure of just 3.4 µW/m² – reduced sperm count (Behari, 2006).

At 5 µW/m² we already see decreased cell proliferation after just 30 minutes of exposure to 960 MHz (Velizarov, 1999). Keep those numbers in mind when reading further.

Let’s take a look at just how much more radiation is coming off these upgraded towers with 5G.

31 Duncan St, Fortitude Valley – QLD

Distance from the siteCurrent Levels (µW/m²)After 5G Installed (µW/m²)Radiation Increase
0-50m32,000923,0002784% (29x)
50-100m198,000596,000201% (3x)
100-200m200,000372,00086% (1.9x)
200-300m59,00081,00037% (1.4x)
300-400m27,00036,00033% (1.3x)
400-500m15,00020,00033% (1.3x)

If you’re living within 50 meters of this tower you’ll be exposed to a whopping 29x more microwave radiation.

Even at 200m distance your exposure is set to double. At half a kilometer away levels are still 20x the IBN extreme level.

The extreme concern level for microwave radiation is 1,000 µW/m² (IBN). Compare that to the levels from these 5G transmitter sites!

6 College St, Darlinghurst – NSW

Distance from the siteCurrent Levels (µW/m²)After 5G Installed (µW/m²)Radiation Increase
0-50m84,000723,000761% (9x)
50-100m219,000692,000216% (3.2x)
100-200m198,000569,000187% (2.9x)
200-300m62,000213,000244% (3.4x)
300-400m18,00084,000367% (4.7x)
400-500m8,00042,000425% (5.3x)

No matter where you are within a 500m radius of this tower you’re exposure is going to at the very least triple.

Within 200m of the tower exposures will be 569x the IBN extreme level and it gets worse the closer you get.

Interestingly there are very high levels of exposure even half a kilometer away!

68-72 York St, Sth Melbourne – VIC

Distance from the siteCurrent Levels (µW/m²)After 5G Installed (µW/m²)Radiation Increase
0-50m24,000954,0003,875% (40x)
50-100m83,000581,000600% (7x)
100-200m61,000362,000493% (6x)
200-300m15,00096,000540% (6x)
300-400m7,00042,000500% (6x)
400-500m4,00023,000475% (6x)

Living within 50m of this tower in South Melbourne is likely to be catastrophic to your health with levels of up to 954,000 µW/m².

Remember biological effects start at just 3.4 µW/m²! We want to be below 10 µW/m², especially in sleeping areas.

In Conclusion

All of the 5G towers we’ve seen are adding large amounts of microwave radiation exposure on top of already existing 3 & 4G infrastructure.

We must put a stop to these extremely high levels being allowed into our communities where people are to live.

We must also begin discussion on EMF safety zones and communities where those who wish to live a happy and healthy life can live.

More importantly areas within cities and rural regions where those with EHS can live happily without having to be banished to the outback.

This is a very serious matter that needs to be discussed more openly and the plans put in place

In the meantime..

  1. Stop supporting this by not using data on your phone.
  2. Use hard wired internet connections and networks within your region.
  3. Spread the word to as many people as possible about the effects of radio frequencies. See Bioinitiative Report
About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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