How Much Radiation do AirPods Give Off?

Hey kids! The latest trend: Pulsing your brain with microwave radiation 24/7. Don’t worry it’s completely safe and if you do get brain cancer then it won’t be until another 20+ years later.

Honestly.. don’t worry! Looking and being cool like everyone else is important.

Everywhere I go, I’m seeing an army of people wearing wireless earbuds, especially the Apple AirPods.

If only they knew..

If only they had my testing equipment to see..

Perfect timing on the rooftop

Recently I was up on a rooftop in the city doing some radio frequency testing and as a girl came by to sit in the sun – I had literally struck gold.

In my hand was my RF meter and in her ears was her Apple AirPods. The timing had never been so perfect!

“Excuse me, can I ask you something random? Do you mind if I test your headphones”?

Without hesitation she looked at me and smiled “ohh sure”.

I had a bit of explaining to do.. EMF this.. radiation that.. but then came the moment of horror!

More than 100,000 µW/m² around 1 cm from the AirPods. You might as well be living right in front of a cell phone tower at that kind of level..

First negative biological effects start at 3.4 µW/m² (Behari, 2006 – Chronic exposure to mobile phone pulsed RF significantly reduced sperm count).

Want to play Russian roulette?

“Bluetooth” (a nice marketable name) is microwave radiation. The fact that RF can be harmful to living organisms (YES! animals, insects and plants too) is nothing new.

Research since the 1960’s from both Russian and US militaries have disclosed just how harmful it can be.

In fact there was more than 2000 documents prior to 1972 on the bioeffects of radio frequency radiation.

Now in 2019 thousands of more studies have shown harmful effects from cancer to depression, DNA damage and more.

and here’s some more studies in a nice color chart for you..

Denial is played time and time again by those with vested interest in the trillion dollar wireless industry.

So who are you going to trust. Actual studies or people from news organizations that have zero qualifications on electrobiology.

I just have one question for you..

Want to play Russian roulette?

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from EMFs.

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