What Does 5G Sound Like? Expert Investigation

What Does 5G Sound Like? Expert Investigation

5G is now installed and switched on across millions of sites all over the world and so my testing has begun. Many are wondering: what does 5G sound like?

Today I’ll share with you the radiation levels plus the eerie sound of 5G radiation coming off the transmitters.

The radiation from 5G (RF/microwaves) is an invisible environmental pollutant, beyond our awareness.

My goal – using specialized equipment, is to reveal both what 5G beam forming radiation sounds like and how much radiation I’m being exposed to 600 meters away from the 5G transmitters.

cell tower location map
Location of tested 5G installation

The 5G site tested was in Kings Cross, Sydney and goes by RFNSA ID number 2011007. I set up 615 meters away from the 5G transmitters with an unobstructed view of the entire installation.

The testing equipment used was some of the best available in the world. The Gigahertz Solutions HFW59D + HP33 filter and directional antenna to measure only the 5G radiation at a frequency of 3.5 GHz.

High radiation levels 600m (2,000ft) away

A maximum power density of 12,600 uW/m2 (crest factor applied) was detected from 615 meters away (2,018 ft) – that’s 12 times the IBN extreme level. This is also from the 5G transmitters alone, not including 3/4G which is also present at the site.

This is a concern, especially since almost no one is using 5G phones (when I conducted this test in December 2019). Meaning that the radiation from 5G transmitters is likely to power up even more as people start using 5G enabled devices.

graph of 5G radiation
Radiation level as compared to IBN guidelines from Germany

5G is dramatically increasing exposures

Since the early 1900s, our exposure to non-native EMFs has been creeping up slowly. However, it’s only been in the last 25 years or so that our exposures have exploded beyond belief.

This is thanks mainly due to the increased cell tower density (demand for high bandwidth data on mobile devices) and the wireless technology we’re bringing into our homes (Wi-Fi, cell phones etc).

However, in early 2019 as 5G was being installed around the globe, most people were very unaware of something of great significance. A major escalation of our exposure to radio frequency / microwave radiation – specifically from 5G.

A small study I conducted proved that once 5G was installed at cellular base station sites – there was almost always a significant increase in radiation.

From the graph below, you can very easily see the radiation levels before and after 5G was installed.

5g radiation levels

Those affected most will not only be those living in direct line of sight to a cell tower. It’s going to impact all of us when just simply driving around.

When driving (or walking around for that matter) you’re getting significant exposures as you pass the 4 / 5G transmitters. Which are now basically everywhere.

Often, 5G (and 4G) transmitters are placed hanging off highway signage, rooftops, cell tower structures – even inside tunnels and right above their entrance / exits.

If you’re interested in the best way to protect yourself – at the end of this article you’ll find a free copy of my book ‘The Secrets of EMFs Exposed‘.

What does 5G sound like?

During my investigation I also managed to capture the sound of 5G which is something else! It has no resemblance to the smooth high pitch sound of 3 / 4G transmitters. It’s highly erratic and almost sounds like static electricity.

One can only imagine what kind of biological harm this kind of field has. Just listening to its erratic sound speaks for itself – listen below!

Sound of 5G coming off the transmitters

I’ve been getting a lot of people experiencing symptoms, not only from 5G but from all 4 EMFs of concern in general. Very common is headaches, ringing in the ears or feeling a vibration in the head.

This has me concerned… It would be interesting to hear what others are feeling around 5G towers, especially those suffering from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

Remember to keep your distance and limit exposure!

Share your experiences below!

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from EMFs.

  1. Hello. Thank you for your work. I live in the north of Spain. Since the nearby antennas were manipulated in December 2020, I have had all kinds of health problems, which subside when I go to low-radiated areas. I think this has a lot to do with weather manipulation.
    This is absolutely insane. It must be stopped or we will all end up with broken bones. Greetings.

  2. Perhaps you can borrow a portable spectrum analyzer with demodulation capability tune to one of the downlink channels from the tower you made measurements near. This would indeed confirm what you are hearing. Thank you for posting this article. More people need this information to solve the missing link to their unexplained suffering.

  3. My husband has been sick for seven years.
    Started in Fremantle WA.
    He felt like he was being cooked, even sleeping in doorway with door open in winter.
    He has constant muscle pain, sometimes severe.
    Last year 3 trips to emergency by ambulance, could not move.
    No specific diagnosis to this day except poly myalgia rheumatica
    High CRP, with low white blood count.
    We have moved from Fremantle 5 years ago.
    Still my husband with chronic pain has not been able to work.
    Just recently we have noticed a second tower gone up, directly in line with our home and we both have the ear tinnitus so very noisy and we both had this at exactly the same time that’s when we noticed a second tower.
    I have had heart palpitations as well, with on going appointments with cardiologist .
    Never before any heart issues.
    My husband was very fit/healthy,
    He spends a lot of time in bed.
    Recently purchased EMF blanket to see if this may help as he burns up still, plus many other side affects.
    He believes his condition is because of the 4g roll out and 5g.
    He is absolutely sure of this!!
    We have spoken with doctors and sent emails regarding EMF” but… reply was within the safety regulations, no evidence this is causing health problems!! We are feeling quite desperate, as this has changed our lives to a great degree..
    We often think about moving..

  4. I’ve never been affected by solar flares before, but now I am, as of 2022. I call it my ‘cup theory’. The more that’s in the cup, the less it takes to overflow. The less the body is handling, the better it can deal with more. Admittedly, I am also adversely affected by being around people who’ve had the c1-9 shot within the past 4 months. My daughter is, too.

  5. I unfortunately have a phone tower with 5G transmitters 118m from my front door.
    Since 5G went live a few months ago, I have been tolerating this white noise extremely high pitch hiss in both ears emanating from it. It varies in loudness but I hear it everywhere I go 24/7 in Melbourne. It’s actually louder than the road noise I hear inside my car, probably similar to the volume of normal conversation so it’s quite significantly disruptive to my life.
    This microwave has disrupted my sleep quite seriously ever since. I wake up in the early hours often in an irritated state akin to restless leg syndrome where I can’t lie still. Usually unable to go back to sleep after that kind of event even in a super tired state. Sometimes headaches would also follow and that is something I never used to suffer from. Never had a problem sleeping my whole life until the 5G went online. I for years, can also hear the 4G ringing in a kind of Morse code sound beneath the 5G hiss. It’s not as loud as 5G but I now hear them both. Guess I’m more sensitive to such EMF’s than most people.
    Something has to be done. We don’t need such technology that is so torturous and detrimental to health. This is a crime against humanity.

  6. In February of 2020, after getting out of the shower and bending over suddenly to dry my hair, I had a sudden attack of vertigo and fell on the floor. Immediately, I had pulsatile tinnitus start in my left ear only. It sounds like an ultrasound of a baby’s heartbeat. It comes and goes, but has been pretty much with me ever since, except for a couple of weeks in February of this year (2022), when I had Covid. As soon as I had recovered from Covid, the pulsatile tinnitus was back. The strange thing about it is that I only have it in certain rooms of my house, and when entering certain stores. It’s like someone is turning on a switch when I walk in and turning it off when I walk out. I rarely ever get it when outside, with the exception of the area at the end of my driveway which is sort of down in a small valley, and about 1/4 mile from the house. I get it often there when I get out of the van to open the gate. It is a pulsing sound with pressure in my head, feeling like it will explode, and fullness in my left ear and pain in that ear and jaw. As soon as I get in the van and start up the hill, it stops. If this were a medical condition, it seems like it wouldn’t matter where I was, but would be constant. That is what got me thinking it may be related to 5G. We do have one of those smart meters at our house, and just last week had a new router/wifi installed. I also had a new router/wifi installed at my shop on the town square around the time this all started the beginning of 2020. I’ve read a lot about 5G causing tinnitus/ringing in the ears, which I also have occasionally. However, that is not nearly as disturbing as the pulsatile tinnitus. Could 5G be the cause of this as well? My shop is in an old building, built in 1846 on the historic town square. I have 2 apartments above my shop that I rent out. Both tenants are school teachers. I have been noticing lately that I have been experiencing more of the pulsatile tinnitus at the shop, on days that my tenants are home, such as spring break and weekends. They use my wifi that I have for the business to access the internet. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I have been to 2 different ENTs for this condition, thinking it was a problem with my ear or a clogged Eustachian Tube. One ENT said I had mild hearing loss in the left ear and that is what was causing my pulsatile tinnitus, come back in a year and we’ll retest you. I could not accept that. So I went to another ENT which put me on blood pressure/diuretic meds, this only made it a lot worse. So after a week I quit taking the medication. I don’t believe blood pressure is the issue either, as I normally have low blood pressure and I am sure it was only elevated the day I went to the ENT from the anxiety I had over going to the ENT. I have not been back. I would appreciate your insight greatly. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon, sorry to hear you are going through all that! If you feel you are getting in specific places, definitely keep a journal of that. We can assist with what types of EMFs may be setting it off and of course with the mitigation of all 4 EMFs. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

  7. I was told that I had to change my phone as they are phasing out G3 to G5. For a month now I hear a high pitch sound, especially at night.
    What can you do to protect yourself?
    I live in Ann Arbor Michigan

  8. I have had a constant high pitch ringing in my head for at least a month now. It has made it difficult to sleep. About a month ago, I had flu like symptoms including muscle weakness and a temperature. Now I just have the constant ringing. I have recently been to the doctor to see if there is anything medical going on, but doesn’t appear to be anything. I live in Waltham Massachusetts.

    1. My ringing literally started the day 5G networks went “live” in the US back in January, and airlines were complaining it was going to cause interference. I was also flying to Chicago that day and noticed the ringing when I arrived at my hotel in the morning. I attributed it to a sinus infection and cabin pressure. It’s now March, and I’m thinking 5G radiation may be the culprit. The high pitch squeal is very annoying at times. I live in the Seattle area.

  9. January 17th is the day that the 5G towers were turned on in our area. My wife and I have been hearing a constant high pitched sound every since that day. I hear it everywhere, both inside and outside. Oddly enough, it tones down between 4-8 p.m. but increases during the night. I don’t believe moving is the answer. There are towers hidden everywhere. After talking road trips, I discovered the sound in most places we traveled.

  10. I found this searching for why this ringing is driving me insane the last few months. I have headaches and a terrible pain behind my left eye with the ringing. I was beginning to wonder if I had brain cancer or something. Now I see it’s not just me.

  11. I have had ringing of the ears very high pitched for 6 months now. I know it’s from all the new 5g towers and mini towers they have installed in my area. My doctor thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist. Ive bought a shungite necklace thinking it would help. I really dont know what to do. Its driving me insane especially at night. Sometimes I can actually hear the pitch changing.

  12. I have experienced tinnitus since January
    1, 2022 and would love to know if it is related to the release of 5g

  13. My husband and I have lived in our beautiful little house for 40 years. Within the past few months, 5G has ruined our future here. They put in a 5 G tower three houses away, down our little street’s hill. It beems strait into our house. There’s some sort of amplifying apparatus on the opposite corner of our block and at least 5 more towers withing 3 blocks in every direction. Like a trap! We have a constant, shrill, white noise in our ears. The sound occupies our entire head. We find ourselves talking too loud. It’s absolutely unnerving! Sometimes we both hear a higher pitched squeak at the same time. We are having horrible headaches. I’m having stabbing pains coming out my eyeballs. It’s worse at night. I am not able to sleep well. Even when the heat is 60° in our bedroom, I can barely use a blanket because I’m way too hot. Ok, this is really personal…my girl parts and my womb feel wrong. It’s affecting my sexual confidence because its different now…and it’s not my hormones. I wonder if other women can identify with this. I’m very depressed. I cry way too easily. I’m super sad and really pissed off! The city told me the effing FDA “mandated” the installation and NOBODY can stop them. The city told me I have to file a freedom of information act just to get the map of where the demon towers are! We are selling our house, that I love, and moving to the country…God willing!

    1. Hi jak, sorry to hear that. Take those binoculars with you on your inspection to make sure no transmitters are in sight!

  14. I am plagued in Wallingford, UK with the nauseating sound of energy in the form of various hums, whirs, high frequency sounding pseudo “Tinnitus” and a kind of white noise that resonates through my head on occasions… Most of the time I am aware of a continuous hum that is within the environment. And a high frequency a lot too. But this goes beyond sound as it resonates through my head and body and is clearly the cause of many symptoms including headaches. It’s worse at night leaving horrific FX in the morning to try to recover from. I view this as nothing less than an attack and not a random or unintentional health effect of 5G technology. I have pondered on whether it’s from all smart tech combined, or space directed 5G DEW, LED street light transmitters in the nodes, HAARP or NEXRAD etc. But 5G is right up there as a primary suspect.
    I am fully aware it is an induced outside cause and not any kind of condition I have. I don’t rule out something that has got inside Humans too that further facilitates connections to Humans making the FX worse. In my view this danger along with many other induced dangers are by design and for extremely nefarious purpose.
    It needs to be stopped ASAP as it is clearly a serious violation of living space and a crime against Humanity by those who designed and facilitated the technology wherever it resides. Thus, Nuremberg 2 would be appropriate for those who unleashed it into this world.

    1. Hi Nick, sorry to hear this. Try getting out into nature with dense foliage (rainforest, etc), all 4 EMFs of concern should be almost zero if not extremely low. Turn your phone off. Stand still or sit for awhile and see if there are any improvements. If so, it’s likely you’re being affected by EMFs. Keep a look out for the ‘EMF protection protocol’ which is releasing soon. I’m going to be covering absolutely everything to get your exposures as low as possible.

      1. Hi Matt thanks. I have been aware for many years that my symptoms improve away from home and into nature. My only true solution is moving and living somewhere with high tech shielding that is not adjoined to other houses and is well away from any kind of nefarious transmitters. In truth I am suffering nothing less than Havana Syndrome..and many people are these days.. Hopefully I will find my way out of this nightmare in the near future.. And 5G and most smart tech, is clearly not here to make people well. Thanks again.

  15. I live in Brisbane, Australia.
    I love my house but hate living in it for this very reason.
    Not only do I have to put up with high-pitched noises from air-conditioners and pool pumps (run illegally at night to save on costs) but also the constant piercing noise from the 5G network.
    I have seen a decline in the amount of bees in my garden and believe this is impacting on them too.
    I have found sites that confirms this and am just sick of having to live like this.
    I have read that a lot of people simply choose to end things. Sad.
    There is nothing we can about it. We are killing not only the world and everything in it, but we are also harming ourselves in the quest for faster technology.
    How I miss my childhood.

  16. Omg!!! I have been experiencing ringing in the ears, headache, body aches, slight dizziness, trouble sleeping at times and/or waking up 3am with body pains. I have had EMF specialists, our electric company out to take the SMART meter out, a surge protector installed, new control panel installed etc… I have been to every Dr. in the book, no solid answers! We were gone from our home that I have lived in since 1984 and never had a problem, Nov 2020-April 2021. After being home a week, all the symptoms started! It has been approximately 4 months of HELL! I will have to move! Any thoughts?

  17. Hi guys I’ve been worried about 5g since I realized my WiFi had turned to it,I’m lay in bed(05.06am)and I can hear and feel a dense buzzing noise,I have street light right outside my bedroom window not even 6 meters away from my bed,I have no symptoms apart from I can just burn up, rapidly warming up to a sweat break out,and I’m not sleeping well which is NOT like me…what can I do to get the levels checked??

    1. Hi Dee, 5G on the WiFi router stands for 5 Ghz (frequency), the 5G being rolled out is different (stands for 5th generation). It’s all microwave radiation however. I’d look at getting that WiFi off and using wired connections.

      As for the street light at 6 meters. RF (dirty electricity) emissions – possible, also could have ultraviolet radiation emissions. If based in Sydney I could assess, otherwise get in touch with a EMF specialist or building biologist in your area.

  18. I hear this frequency but in a more high pitch tone driving me nuts. Its just like oscillating tinnitus at the frequency of recording.

    1. Very common with electrohypersensitivity. The lower you can get your EMFs in the home the better. I have an ‘EHS protocol’ coming out soon to help. I have many clients suffering from this. Stay tuned!

      1. Please send any helpful protocol to me.
        I cannot stand this high pitch ringing. It’s getting worse. I was tested by hearing expert & she says my hearing has been damaged…so I can’t hear as well as most. Then WHY CAN I HEAR THIS AWEFUL ringing all damn day & way worse at night. I have to leave TV on all night too try to distract from the noise. I understand why people end it. It’s horrible.

        1. Hi Lisa, sorry to hear that! Have you tried getting away out in nature? Do you see an improvement? I’ve been working for the past year on ‘the EMF protection protocol’ – trying to get this released ASAP! Keep an eye out.

  19. I have been noticing a two and sometimes three tone pitch of constant sound. I researched Tinnitus and decided that was not my condition, instead am sure it started around the month of December.
    I really believe that it is physically affecting my hearing.
    Very concerned of course, does anyone else have similar events?

    1. Tinnitus is something that has escalated with launching of the satellites and 5G. I too have been directly affected and have also found that I’m experiencing LOUD tinnitus, some days worse than others. I’m keeping a daily journal, making notes about all the physical/emotional symptoms on that particular day. Another thing I’ve noticed is an increase in anger. I hate it yet some days it’s alive and very strong. I’m left wondering why? That is the only logical conclusion. Nevertheless, it’s deeply troubling and we’re seeing an increase in the amount of violence in connection to the satellites and 5G.

      Perhaps this article may help. https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/planetary-emergency/

      Another thing: Arthur Firstenberg just sent out an email and wrote this: “summary of about 1,000 emails I received from subscribers reporting sudden illness in themselves and their spouses, children, parents, neighbors, friends, coworkers, clients, cats, dogs, chickens, goats, and cows that I received from all over the world. On March 24-25, the first time that SpaceX and OneWeb both launched satellites on the same day, most people that I spoke with or heard from experienced similar, dramatic illness that came out of nowhere. Pain and itching all over their bodies, especially their legs, feet and head. Sudden increase in the ringing in their ears. Profound exhaustion and complete inability to sleep. Muscle spasms. Skin rashes. Stomach aches and diarrhea. Nosebleeds. Heart palpitations. Inflamed eyes. Ill temper, depression or suicidal thoughts.”

      Arthur is keeping data on what people are reporting and watching the association between the dates of symptoms and what happened on that day in space with the satellites. He has an email list that you might be interested in. He also sent out an email about 4-6 weeks ago sharing a bunch of symptoms that readers had sent to him. There were numerous effects. It was helpful for me because I didn’t feel so alienated and alone.

      That 5G audio is creepy. It sounded like sizzling or electrical frying. That sizzling made me wonder what it’s doing internally to humanity, animals, plant life, birds, ocean life–everything that God created for our good and is being destroyed. This needs to be STOPPED!

      1. It started for me this winter too. Maybe Jan or Feb 2021. I hired so many electricians and contractors out to my Granny’s house. It would keep me up and wake me up. My boyfriend and I tried to blast music to cover it, but that’s irritating plus you can still feel it. We got a Granny break, go back to our place; couldn’t hear it. Months later just moved back to our place and now I can hear it here too. Not as bad as Granny’s… Which is weird bc I’m downtown and Granny is in suburbs. But bad enough that it’s 3 AM and I can’t sleep bc I’m busy researching this. My friend took me to the mountains last week and I could *not* hear it.

        And it most definitely makes me very angry. Also makes me angry that everyone just keeps saying I have tinnitus.

        It’s really so bad I might move.

  20. Im in Ireland and I’ve a device on a pole in my garden – the installers also dug a trench in my garden for wires leading to this pole. In the last year my bedroom has moved downstairs due to health issues, this room is close to the above mentioned pole . i havent had a decent nights sleep since due to the never ending droning noise i can hear and slso ‘feel’ in my entire body. Im also having weird palpatations that ive put down to exhaustion but im not so sure now. Until last week i seriously thought it was all my imagination until 3other people said they could also hear it. Im relieved its not just in my head but also now very concerned about what if anything i can do about it. Any and all advice gratefully received.

    1. Hi Maria, I tried to contact you but didn’t hear back from you. If you could send through a picture of the device on the pole that would be appreciated.

  21. I too can hear the frequency. I thought I was going to go mad. My brain felt too big for my head. I use organites and wear a shungite which means I can sleep. It is always worse in the evening. I have ordered some large shungite pyramids but I will have to move away from this area and find somewhere they have decided not to have 5g. There are few places in the uk that are holding out against it at the moment.

  22. We have to do something about it right now!!!
    ..its obvious that 5g is totally harmful and will have serious long term effects…or looking and feeling like even short term effects!!..besides just driving everyone insane after hearing it 24/7 with no way to escape it..think about it!! …….STOP 5G NOW PEOPLE!…get proactive about it right now!!…please!

  23. I have a tower near my house and I hear it making like a rotating vibration 24/7. How do I find out if it’s a 5G tower?

    1. Hi Kubin, check to see if the tower has smaller squarish looking transmitters. Here is a good example – shorturl.at/kuJOR. The 5G transmitters being the one to the right and far left –

      1. Funny ours started the same exact time as the one lady’s nov 2020 and still going on except we live in the usa. Its so awful to the point that’s all you can here. It makes me sick on the daily. It makes my abdomen feel like is going to explode every day to the point I can even move. It’s keeping me from working. It sucks because I’m perfectly healthy young 37 year old. Doc even says my hearing and health is tip top. I’ve called out local gov. I’ve wrote several emails to state Gov. And multiple to my reps and congressmen. I’ve held several complaints to the fcc. Ignored by all . The kicker is I have 11 months worth of frequency analyzer data, straight up audio data, magnetometer data, and litterally live video audio data that all clearly shows the problem. It feels like your being shocked bad someday it even makes the ground and my body vibrate to the point of super pain. I’m at the point of getting ready to see if I can lawyer up because the fact all these government agencies are ignoring my requests is a complete accomplice to the malice of my family and I health. I dont know what else to do. You can’t even get away from the shit it’s the worst shit I’ve been through and felt in my life.

        1. Hi K, keep a look out – soon I’m releasing the ‘EMF protection protocol’ this is going to life changing for anyone suffering from these debilitating symptoms.

  24. Hi everyone, I live in Middleton Grange in Sydney NSW and there is approximate 3 5G towers around my area recently. At night when I am in bed I hear a constant hum / humming sound I never use to hear before and it’s starting to give me mild head aches. It sounds like a low frequency vibration Pulsing wave sound . Can someone please explain it to me if anyone else is hearing it? I posted it on a local fb page and people were mocking me but I can honestly hear it. Please help.

    1. Hi Jaimie, I hear of this quite a bit. Do you hear it in other places too or just around the 5G towers? It’s likely you are sensitive to these non-native EMFs.

      1. I am hearing the humming all day long at home. My left ear actually hurts from it. I thought it was because I use AirPods as I work from home, but my husband and daughter both told me today they hear it too. My husband said a 5 G tower was built on the hill behind our house. What can we do to rectify the problem? Thank you for your help

        1. This is very common Kristina. Definitely give the AirPods the flick and use wired headphones. AirPods emit very high levels of microwave radiation right next to the brain. Get out into some dense bush land, or forest and see how you feel. If you see an improvement look out for the “EMF protection protocol” – releasing very soon! I will be exposing every single mitigation and protection strategy / technique. With these, you’ll be able to achieve reductions up to 99.99%!

    2. Hey there! I also hear the same noises in the after midnight hours. It has even made my window shake and it makes me feel ill like something is gong through my body and head. Once I hear it I can no longer go back to sleep. The tower is less than half a football field from My house inside a county of Los Angeles park. I called the 5G tower owner who said it’s not their tower an started pointing me in all other directions. He said he forwarded the complaint over to their customer but said that due to privacy law they can’t disclose who their customer is. I’ve heard from so many people that live by a 5G tower of similarities complaints. I feel as though a lawsuit would be the only thing that could work. If we try to sell our house we must legally disclose to a potential buyer the existence of the 5G tower and the noises and vibrations it makes in the am hours which would make it impossible to sell the house. Any feedback would be appreciated. God bless you all.

      1. A crazy situation many of us are finding ourselves in. I only wonder what this means not only for our health but property prices surrounding these cell towers.

        1. Matt I live in Ohio. A street that’s 30 yards from a 5g tower my friend this tower is different I can’t even explain it in words I need to send you video proof of the sound it makes it sounds like birds almost multiple different birds. From chirping to a hawk and then the sound goes to a hellish screeching sound if showed my uncle and he hears it too and the sound goes off about every 20 mins if you have an email I’d love to show you a video just so you can put your input thank you.

    3. Hi Jaimie
      I’ve been hearing the low frequency, pulsating hum since easter 2012 when 4G was switched on near me.
      Then a few months later the high pitched screeching sound in my right ear only.
      With accompanying side effects.
      When 5G switched on lastDec/Jan I now suddenly hear even higher pitched screeching in left ear only.
      Plus new, different side effects of 5G.
      Plus the 5G satellites in space …
      All working at the same time …..
      Day and night ….

    4. Hi Jamie .. no you should not be mocked AT ALL… this is very real… . a new 5g tower has been activated recently about a few blocks from where I live… I’ve been having a rushing/pulsing sound in my ears too.. it reminds me of tinnitus I had when I was working a musician in amplified situations and I actually had tinnitus from overly loud noise levels
      It’s very disconcerting to say the least and yes it does seem worse at night when all is quiet
      Hang in there ps April 14 when u posted last is actually my birthday ha ha funny coincidence? We are stronger together and in sharing

    5. Those “people were mocking me” are paid Internet-Trolls from the Telecommunication-Corporations. They are getting paid to create alot of Accounts to spread disinformation and diffamation.

    6. Hi Jaimie, I am also from Middleton grange and can hear this sound now as I’m typing this to you. It’s a humming sound in my head consistently and it’s in our area. I wake up at 3:00am including now and I read other posts that some ppl wake up 3:00am too (strange) . My wife can’t hear it and I keep telling her. It might be certain people that can hear it but 100% Middleton Grange! I see bees walking on my ground in front of my house all the time and End up dead in my yard floor. I posted the sound on Middleton Grange fb group and I was getting laughed at. Can you please get in contact with me via email.

      K7trade @ Gmail . Com


  25. Thank you for sharing,mysister told me about 5G and I joined pages to see whats happening. But alot of people, my family, friends etc. don’t believe me…
    I keep sharing hoping they will read it and wake up to whats happening.

    1. Yeah it’s all additional microwave radiation – a known carcinogen. If people knew the real extent of what is going on there would be more people protesting in the streets.

  26. I have an ICD (implanted cardiac defibrillator) and am quite concerned about this 5G and if it will have an effect on my device. 😕

  27. Great to see that someone is actually testing these things 🙂

    Could you please explain some of the data though?

    1. The Australian maximum exposure to power density (radiation) is 10,000 uW/cm^2. Your reading at 615 metres away read 12,600 uW/m^2. This translates to 1.26 uW/cm^2, which is WAY below the national maximum.
    So my question first question is, what’s the issue with reading such a small amount of radiation?

    2. Could you please link the IBN guidelines?

    3. Your data indicates that the density is actually lower when you’re closer to the site. It then goes up as you increase the distance and then goes down again. Do you have any explanation to this?

    1. Thanks Rhys,

      1. The Australian public exposure limit is based on when the radiation starts to burn your flesh, not adverse health effects (which begin at low levels – 3.4 uW/m2 – reduced sperm count (Behari, 2006).

      There is also research being conducted on biological effects below 1 uW/m2 – stay tuned.

      2. Check this link for various ‘health based’ guidelines. The guidelines from the IBN are listed as SBM – 2015. https://slt.co/Education/EMR-ExposureGuidelines.aspx

      3. This is due to the base station height (on top of building) and because of the angle of transmission. 100 – 200m is the highest exposure zone for this location.

  28. Yes..I have studied this …
    If at all possible..
    Move to rural area and get under trees as well as possible
    Not just this..
    Chemical Spraying , 58 schools closed last month..WAKE UP
    They sprayed it. God Bless You All

  29. I’ve heard that 5G can’t get through trees, and that trees are being felled on account of it. Now, as agenda 21 is being rolled out in rural Ireland, the government are paying people to plant trees all over their land. Does this mean that they won’t be able to get 5G, and thus make it easier for agenda 21 to work – i.e. herd people into cities? They sure can’t make a living as farmers from forestry.
    Also you don’t HAVE to have 5G if it’s in your area. You can still use 3G or 4G – so far.

    1. The higher frequencies do have trouble getting through trees and other solid objects. As to an agenda with this, I’m not sure. You can just use 3/4G but you’ll still be exposed to the additional radiation from 5G transmitters unfortunately.

  30. Thank you so very much for all that you are doing. I am very grateful for the information and also extremely thankful that 5G isn’t in my area yet. I truly dread it’s arrival. So thank you for providing the warnings. Bless you, take care and look after yourselves.

  31. This is agenda 2030 folks. Depopulation. It isn’t a nice thing to think about, and god I wish it was not true…. but it is. There is a plan to reduce the global population dramatically over the next 10 years. You have a choice. Blow up the towers, move, or stay there and slowly die. Best of luck to you.

    1. I agree Ray. One of the biggest risks no one talks about is the mind control these radiation frequencies are used for. People will never know what is killing them, nor will they care to find out the cause. Most doctors will be led to the WHO statement that EHS is a psychiatric condition. And sadly, if people do wake up to whats killing them, they will keep their smart phones because we are programmed to keep our devices. The CDC calls this phenomenon the zombie apocalypse.

  32. Thanks for sharing information vital that people know the risks! Please be warned all pregnant women these wifi waves cause babies to be born with disabilities, be careful!!

    1. Hi Pamela! There is even more to be exposed.. keep an eye on the blog. The amount of baby monitors I find on assessments is quite scary. These all emit high levels of microwave radiation.

    2. Yes do be careful and thanks for this information but please may I respectfully ask that you employ the social model when speaking of disability i.e

      Babies can be born with impairments.

      These impairments cause the person to be disabled by the lack of adaption in society.

      The impairment/condition is what the person has – the disability belongs to society. I apologise if this seems pedantic but since the UN adopted the terminology of « people/children with disabilities » we’ve seen a massive erosion of disabled people’s rights and a massive increase of violence against disabled people. Language does matter and I hope you won’t mind me mentioning this. As a disabled person it dismays me how the work of so many disabled activists developing this necessary understanding has been destroyed – by the UN!
      I promise I’m not just arguing for the sake of it but because we the disabled are being used as a Trojan horse. Even Elon Musk said that his singularity would be first for the disabled and then for the very rich! Because that’s always a thing isn’t it.
      Blessings to all opposing this planetary take-over. Strength.
      I’m attaching my video on the ICNIRP standards : https://youtu.be/jPuMc_2KleA

  33. Did you try to record the radiation with an omni-directional antenna including frequencies below the 5G spectrum i.e below 5 GHz in order to assess total radiation density at this spot or at different distance and location?

    1. Hi Dr. Theodore Metsis! Yes indeed I did. A total radiation exposure of 52,900 uW/m2. That’s all the way from 27 MHz – 10 GHz.
      Below 3.3 GHz = 40,300 uW/m2
      Above 3.3 GHz = 12,600 uW/m2
      This puts the exposure above the maximum that is stated on the official ‘EME report’ for this cell site.

    1. There are cities overseas that are switching this absolutly untested experiment off for reasons of health. Lloyds of London will not insure it. ARPANSA now has some disclaimers that say that for medical advice go to the Dr. Drs say that ARPANSA say it is safe. Get a lawyer to look at it as AUSSAULT from the TELCOS

      1. I’m going to be ‘educating’ my doctor very soon.. There’s going to be many people off to their doctor suffering from EHS yet the doctor will have no clue..

        1. I went to my doctor yesterday with my self diagnosed EHS condition. He had never heard of EHS, so I have to educate him and gave him plenty material and evidence to digest, he said come back in a week! What hope do we have when the GPs don’t have a clue!!!!!!!

  34. I don’t need 5G to get pains in my head (as opposed to headaches which feel quite different). We’ve had to back to ethernet in our house and switched the wifi off and now no more pains in the head. If I’m exposed to wifi for a little while the pains start, they’re very distinct and very painful and take about 3 or 4 days to dissipate after the exposure is no longer there.

    1. Sorry to hear that Vivien! More and more people are going to be suffering from EHS sadly as our exposure continues to increase. Many are also getting the heart palpitations from WiFi – including myself. People no doubt go to their doctor who usually has nothing much to say..

      1. They just put up 2- 5g apparatus (I dont know what they are called) in my town. My town is less than 1 mile sq. Then less than a mile away in each direction in neighboring towns are more. I have a high pitched ringing in my ears that wont stop. Its louder at night. I feel nauseous, dizzy and very fatigued. I cant think straight and its like my brain is in a total fog. I just was in the ER at the hospital for a day because I have not been well. While I was there I suddenly looked at my husband and said… the ringing in my ears had stopped!
        Now I am back home and the ringing is back. I dont know what to do! I cant get away from it! It just started about 2 months ago. Some of my friends in town are experiencing the same issues. I cant go on like this. One night I just felt like my mind snapped and I couldnt stop crying because the sound just NEVER STOPS. How can I live like this??? I cant! I feel totally trapped. I live in New Jersey, USA.

        1. Alisa sorry for the belated reply. If it’s tinnitus a high pitch ringing and your husband cannot hear it, could be you are electro sensitive (EHS).

          I would look in the direction of shielding paints from YShield and have it properly grounded. Put a shielded film or curtain on the windows. Eliminate sources of EMFs in the home.

          I’m soon coming out with an ‘EHS protocol’ for sufferers, stay tuned!

    2. My brother got some red spots on his legs. I removed the 5 Ghz wifi, and in a couple of days the stains had already been removed, after several months with them.

      1. Similar experience with some of my clients from cell phones, WiFi, cell towers ect. It’s all the same stuff, microwave radiation (RF).

  35. Thank you for sharing ! Was the tower in line of sight?
    It’s still a very high reading at such a long distance ….

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