Read This Before You Self-Test for EMF’s

The awareness of EMF’s is growing year by year and many are looking to get their home checked and/or protected.

Unfortunately a large number of people also get caught up in purchasing ‘junk’ EMF protection. It’s truly the wild west when it comes to protection products and the amount of disinformation I have come across is astounding.

If you’re not being advised by a qualified EMR technician or building biologist on EMF protection then I would exercise extreme caution when doing so.

When someone has done their research, they’ll soon realize that effective protection begins within the home and not from some crystal pendant.

Then the inevitable decision comes to either: (1) get their home checked by a qualified EMF specialist or (2) rent or buy meters and test themselves.

Different meters can be purchased or hired so why not just do it yourself?

Well it’s not that simple and if you’re serious about getting properly tested and protected, then this could be a really bad decision.

Lets take a look why:

1. Not just waving a meter about

It’s not as simple as waving a few meters around and seeing if it’s high or not.

There’s a vast amount of knowledge and testing involved that an EMF technician has been properly trained in. This goes way beyond the capability of a ‘self tester’.

2. Years of study and experience

EMF technicians and building biologists have years of study and hands on experience to be able to properly test and diagnose countless different problems.

These are things the unqualified tester would completely miss.

We see it all the time.

3. Detecting the undetectable

Most consumer level EMF meters are either inaccurate or measuring in a way that is completely irrelevant.

For example people using radio frequency meters to measure average power density.

We use state of the art German equipment worth many thousands and for a good reason. They are highly accurate and can pick up on frequencies that consumer / hire meters can’t even detect.

4. Complexity that requires an expert

Unqualified home testers usually have little to no knowledge on electromagnetic radiation.

From coupled fields and interactions of ELF fields to high frequency voltage transients and electrical systems. There’s a lot to know.

There are countless areas to be well versed in from electricity to physics. Being qualified is an absolute requirement for an accurate EMF assessment and getting properly protected.

5. It’s more involved than you think

Don’t forget Wireless radiation (RF) is just one type of EMF. Other EMFs come off the wired electrical systems in your home.

Qualified EMF technicians are testing everything from your gas to water pipes, electrical wiring, grounding systems and much more.

For many of these, we are not testing using ELF or HF meters (what people are buying or renting). So self-testers typically miss some important stuff.

It requires an expert who knows what they’re doing and who is aware of the dangers.

6. Bad advice is everywhere

Self testers usually go by the advice from so called ‘experts’ who hire meters out and who have a vested interest in selling protection.

I’ve heard things from such businesses that were very misleading. Most of the time these people are not even qualified.

There’s numerous protection and mitigation strategies that someone qualified can easily implement during an assessment – at little to no cost.

7. It can be dangerous

The home tester is usually looking to the internet or unqualified advisor for their knowledge, both of which are a bad idea.

The amount of disinformation on the internet would surprise you. We’ve seen it all.

Self diagnosing, testing and self protecting can even be dangerous. We know of people who’ve been shocked or even made their radiation exposure worse.

EMF protection and shielding should only ever be installed by a professional.


If you are serious about lowering your exposure and protecting yourself from EMF’s then it’s important to hire a professional.

Electromagnetic Radiation specialists and Building Biologists can be found in most major cities and even in the country side!

A proper assessment leads to effective and comprehensive protection. Your health is important so talk to someone experienced and qualified.

If you’re within the Sydney region and would like your home assessed and protected from EMF’s then you’re in luck! Find out more.

We also commonly do trips to Canberra, Albury, Melbourne, Brisbane and the entire east coast from Melbourne all the way up to Noosa – Queensland!

Contact us for more information.

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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