Scare Tactics Force People Into Using Smart Meters

As if the ‘smart meter’ roll-out coudn’t have gotten any more ridiculous.

We’ve seen states such as Victoria make them ‘mandatory’. Forced onto you whether you want one or not…

We’ve seen the huge spikes of microwave radiation they emit. Now a known class 1 carcinogen.

And the selling off of your intimate details to the highest bidder. They said they weren’t going to do it, but they did.

Your ‘data’ (when you go to sleep, when you wake, when you watch TV and everything else) is now as valuable as the power they’re selling you.

With much transparency out there now on the smart meter scam, people are beginning to catch on. Desperation seems to be the final card the electricity suppliers wish to play.

We’ve reached a point where they’re willing to do anything to convince you to say YES.

What we’re about to expose is the lies many power companies are willing to spin to get their way – a smart meter installed onto your home.

Scare Tactics Exposed

A luxury apartment building in Sydney is experiencing an onslaught of attempted smart meter installations.

A technician arrives to ‘upgrade’ someones meter, only to leave some 10 minutes later. Day after day they come and they go – mission unsuccessful.

It turns out the buildings meters are joined together in clusters. It’s impossible to install a smart meter for one individual apartment without disrupting other apartments.

A non smart meter friendly building. Great! Don’t we wish there were more..

Instead of calling defeat the electrical companies have been caught out using scare tactics and scaring their customers into believing there is a major hazard.

That they must take immediate action.

Check the fear mongering below:

We’ve been in touch with the management of the building and there is absolutely no hazard.

Just lies spun by electrical companies in order to make more money. What a surprise!

Smart meter = More $$$ for the electrical company.

The current analogue meters in the building have been working perfectly fine for more than a decade.

Install a Smart Meter or Else

This just goes to show the desperation at play so that you’ll panic into getting one. These companies are now deploying such tactics all over Australia.

With documentaries such as Take Back Your Power, people are finally waking up to the scam that this truly is..

But unfortunately this is still the minority and as one apartment owner put it to the building management..

“Smart Meters will be compulsory eventually..”

“They offer a fairer reading of the individual homeowner’s meter as it is digitally sent to the provider, compared with the current meters which are often not read, just estimated based on previous bills.”

Some are easily convinced.

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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