Biological Effects of Wireless Radiation (RF)

Radio frequencies (RF) otherwise known as microwave radiation are one of the most common electromagnetic fields that are saturating our environment today. These frequencies are used by wireless devices such as cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth and even radar, microwaves and the cell transmitters sitting atop those towers.

Technology and telecommunication companies have led most to believe that radio frequencies are completely harmless and have no biological effect on living organisms.

Scientific studies on the other hand paint a very different picture. Especially those that have not been funded by the industry themselves (yes it happens more than you may think).

Life evolved without RF for millions of years

Since the dawn of life on Earth, living organisms have thrived with one quadrillion times less radiation than we’re being exposed to today.

Humans have evolved for millions of years with extremely low levels of natural radiation. The sun provides natural DC energy as it slowly moves across the sky and we’re also influence by Earths very gentle natural magnetic field.

That was until 1894.. when an Italian inventor named Guglielmo Marconi begun public demonstrations of the first functional radio systems. In 1899 he conducted the first use of radio waves across the English channel.

And thus begun the complete saturation of artificial electromagnetic radiation on almost all corners of the planet.

Every imaginable frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum is now being used. From military equipment to communications, surveillance and entertainment.

Today our bodies are being bombarded constantly by charged waves of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that pulsate directly into our bodies.

Because they can’t be seen, heard or felt for the most part – the whole topic of EMR is largely off peoples minds. Yet their influence on the very biology of living organisms is possibly one of the most important topics on the planet today.

When we observe animals becoming completely infertile within a few generations around radio frequencies, we know we have something to be concerned about.

Artificial pulsed radiation.. everywhere

By the 1970’s the US Navy had already compiled a report summarizing thousands of studies showing the biological harm of microwaves and RF.

Fast forward to 2019 and there’s now well over 10,000 peer reviewed studies showing that RF causes biological damage. Even at seemingly low exposure levels.

The problem with many of the more recent technology such as WIFI and cell phones is that they give off high levels of pulsed radiation that is far more damaging than the older analog signals commonly used.

These artificial pulsed fields are very erratic and pulsating in nature causing harm once it hits and penetrates our bodies.

Peak power density VS average

When measuring RF fields we are most particularly concerned with the peak power density which is typically measured in volts per meter. This has been shown to be what’s most harmful to living organisms.

Peak power density is best explained as the peaks of digital signals or analogue waves (see diagram below).

Scientific studies almost always use the average power density, whereas electromagnetic radiation specialists and building biologists are more concerned with the peak power density.

Understanding your exposure

It’s important to know that your cell phone, WIFI and wireless devices all use very similar frequencies to the cell towers, airport radar and even microwaves. The main difference is how much power they output.

  1. When using a cell phone you can very easily be exposed to peak levels of 100,000 µW/m², that’s 100 times the extreme level as set by the IBN in Germany. As for average levels (for comparison to scientific studies) you’re well up in the 10,000 µW/m² range and higher.
  2. Some cell phone towers in Sydney I have measured both peak and average levels over 100,000 µW/m² at 100 meters away! This is an extremely dangerous level and made worse by many thousands of people living in close vicinity to them.
  3. WIFI routers can very easily be over 100,000 µW/m² peak signal strength within a meter and in the 10,000 µW/m² range for average levels.
  4. Walking around in a typical city you will easily be exposed to peak levels of 100,000 µW/m² and average levels of 50,000+ µW/m² (depending where you are). This is because city centers have a very high density of cell transmitters, usually in the hundreds (or thousands).

Biological effects of RF radiation

To make direct comparison with the biological effects and some of the common daily exposures (I’ve listed above), here are some key effects discovered in numerous peer reviewed studies.

For more on the effects on living organisms and their biology, I highly recommend the Bioinitiative Report and their RF Color Charts.

Exposure (µW/m²)Biological EffectStudy
3.4Significantly reduced sperm countBehari, 2006
5Decreased cell proliferation (960 MHz)Velizarov, 1999
6+Fatigue, depressive tendency, sleeping disorders, concentration difficulties, cardio- vascular problems (1.8 Ghz)Oberfeld, 2004
30+Headaches, irritation, concentration difficulties (8 - 17 year olds)Heinrich, 2010
50In adults (30-60 yrs) chronic exposure caused sleep disturbancesMohler, 2010
60+Increased stress hormones; dopamine levels substantially decreased; higher levels of adrenaline; produced chronic physiological stress in cellsBuchner, 2012
500+Adverse neurological, cardio symptoms and cancer riskKhurana, 2010
700+Sperm head abnormalities in mice exposed for 6-months to base station level RF/MW. Sperm head abnormalities occurred in 39% to 46% exposed mice (only 2% in controls)Otitoloju, 2010
1,700+Irreversible infertility in mice after 5 generations of exposureMagras & Zenos, 1997
2,000+Two-fold increase in leukemia (children)Hocking, 1996
8,000+Emotional behavior changes, free-radical damageAkoev, 2002
10,000Pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrierPersson, 1997
10,000Affected function of the immune systemNovoselova, 1999
13,000Doubling of leukemia in adultsDolk, 1997
20,000Double-strand DNA damage in rat brain cellsKesari, 2008
40,000Changes in hippocampus (brain memory and learning)Tattersall, 2001
50,000+Impaired nervous system activityDumansky, 1974
60,000DNA damage in cellsPhillips, 1998
100,000+Increased risk in radar operators of cancer; very short latency periodRichter, 2000
About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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