5G Dangers: What They Don’t Want You to Know

5G is coming in 2019 whether you want it to or not. In many places around the world it’s already live. Are there 5G dangers though that we’re not being told about?

Let’s dive deep into 5G and take a look at the facts. Many of which they definitely don’t want too many people knowing about.

What exactly is 5G anyway?

5G is the new fifth generation wireless network that’s being unleashed all over the world. This is not to be confused with 5 GHz which is simply a frequency that may be used for some wireless devices and cell transmitters.

This new fifth generation technology will use much smaller cell transmitters than ever before. When you look at a cell phone tower today you’ll see those large transmitters that are 8ft tall or even more. These are for 4G and previous generations.

Due to their much smaller size, 5G transmitters will be placed on light poles and existing infrastructure. This also enables them to be less obvious and even hidden from those who don’t want to get too close.

An Ericsson 5G transmitter being trialed in Japan

5G will be using much higher frequencies than with previous generations. Here in Australia it’s starting out at 3.5 GHz but will quickly move up into millimeter sized waves of 10 GHz and upwards.

In Australia we already have the wireless NBN towers (National Broadband Network) utilizing these higher frequencies of 10 GHz and soon 26 GHz.

Because these frequencies don’t travel well they need to be amplified just so they can penetrate walls and solid objects. That means increasing the power of the wave form (microwave radiation) and directing it in a beam.

Also because of this limitation, the transmitters will need to be placed every 30 to 100m. That means placing ‘small cell transmitters’ outside every 2 – 10 homes – pulsating harmful microwave radiation 24/7.

If it hasn’t already come to your street, it will. 5G has already been approved in most parts of the world, all without your consent.

5G transmitters will emit harmful electromagnetic radiation 24/7 – Coming to a street near you.

Stepping over the ‘creepy line’

5G has been hailed by the tech giants to be ushering in an incredible new era for humanity where everything is connected. This is being called the Internet of Things (IOT).

Soon there’s going to be a massive push from the tech industry to have everything imaginable connected to the internet. This means microchips in everything, collecting data 24/7.

The next step will be to have a microchip in you. This not my opinion, it’s already been disclosed by many. Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt for example eluded to this many years ago.

5G is what will be used to usher what some technocrats are calling an entirely new era for humanity.

“There’s what I call the creepy line and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

“I would argue that implanting things in your brain is beyond the creepy line. At least for the moment.. until the technology gets better”

Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO

The ABC of the 5G sales pitch

You’ll be able to do things faster than ever before! You won’t have to remember to water your plants ever again! You’ll have an assistant helping you with everything (Google Home, Alexa)!

This is the sales pitch being marketed to the ‘consumer’. It’s all about more convenience and faster speeds but there’s just one two catches..

  • Firstly, they want all the data and information being collected. They want everything from the dozens of chips within your home fed directly back to them. The more they can collect on you, the more they know about you – the better.

How did this industry become the most powerful ever in the history of mankind? By collecting and storing as much information on you as possible – that’s how. It uses this data on you to make money.

The industry pushing for this wireless / tech saturation of the planet is now said to be worth over 80 trillion dollars. It has the power to buy out countries, governments and any politicians that stand in its way.

  • Secondly, the thousands of 5G cell towers and transmitters outside will emit harmful radiation 24/7. There is no longer a debate whether these are harmful (to all life). There’s now over 4,000 independent studies showing biological effects. Even at exposure levels more than 200m (600ft) from a transmitter.

These 5G cells will add another layer of exposure on top of the already existing 3G, 4G, WIFI radiation saturating the planet.

They assure us that it’s all for our convenience though right.. It must be safe, the governments and industry says so.

Well unfortunately if you follow the money trail and facts, you’ll find the opposite it true.

It wasn’t so long ago that the tobacco industry and many others said the same. Smoking was even recommended by the doctors as ‘healthy’.

Dark side of the IOT agenda

The Internet of Things being ushered in by 5G has everything to do with:

  1. Eroding your privacy
  2. Making trillions
  3. Implementing uncontrolled surveillance
  4. Gaining power
  5. Making people sick

‘Faster’ and ‘more convenient’ is simply the sales pitch stage show to make you buy into it all and not be protesting out on the streets.

There’s massive consequences to where this is all leading..

  • Health Implications – Everything with a chip will emit harmful microwave radiation. Electromagnetic fields cause DNA damage, cell damage, brain tumors and cancer. There’s over 4,000 peer reviewed independent scientific studies showing biological harm. These biological effects start at very low levels of just 3.4 μW/m2. See Bioinitiative Report for more..
  • Complete loss of Privacy – Chips in everything will be collecting data, then reporting it back to a centralized authority or corporation. These entities have an agenda for this, otherwise data wouldn’t be collected in the first place. The motive is usually always for money or power. Nothing will be private ever again. The race is on to collect as much information on you as possible. This is how both Google and Facebook make hundreds of billions every year. It’s their main business model. You are the product being sold not the customer. This information may be used against you as we have already seen with the Google Home and Alexa spying devices.
  • Creepiness Factor – Central authorities and corporations will be able able to know everything about you whether you like it or not. When you go to the toilet, when you switch on the TV, when you go to bed, when you get home each day, what you say and do. Everything will be tracked and recorded. This is already a reality today with smart meters, cell phones and personal assistants like Google Home and Alexa. Books and movies have been warning of this dystopian society for over a century now. Here we are coming into 2019 and it’s virtually implemented everywhere, often hidden in plain site.
  • Not Secure – With all of these chips collecting as much data as possible (most of which is private) there is an alarming security concern. As all of us know your data being secure is never guaranteed. We have seen hundreds of thousands of data breaches just in recent years. From Facebook to Google and Medicare massive amounts of private information have been leaked. The IOT will only make this worse by magnitudes. Now anything with a chip will be able to be hacked, the actual information itself intercepted in transit or broken into on a central server that stores it.

Over 4,000+ studies show health effects

There is not one independent study that says this technology is safe. Nor any corporation that will go on the record as saying so. For if they did they would open themselves to some serious legal obligations.

It’s important to know that all wireless devices emit the same hazardous electromagnetic radiation (microwaves).

If you use WIFI, cell phones, live next to a cell phone tower, use a baby monitor etc, you and your loved ones are being exposed to this radiation.

It is well known cause cancer and hundreds of other serious biological effects. This is not an opinion but scientific fact, the science is already done.

The Bioinitiative Report is just one example of scientists from all over the world coming together to educate the public as to the dangers. This report contains thousands of independent studies showing biological effects. This includes DNA damage, cell damage, opening of the blood-brain barrier, memory problems, cancer, reduced melatonin and increased cortisol (stress response) just to name a few.

Thousands of doctors and scientists from all over the world have been speaking out. The Bioinitiative Report is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just a few of the health effects caused by electromagnetic radiation

Australia’s top neurosurgeon puts out a strong warning

Dr Charlie Teo is Australia’s (if not the worlds) number one neurosurgeon. He’s one of only a couple of brain surgeons in the world that can remove tumors within the brain stem. This kind of surgery is considered off limits for even the best surgeons.

Here Dr. Teo warns about about electromagnetic radiation and how it causes brain cancer. He talks mainly about cell phones but this is the same radiation that is emitted from all wireless devices (WIFI, baby monitors, wireless headphones etc) including the new 5G.

Top advisor to World Health Organization alerts public to dangers

Dr. Anthony Miller is a top physician and epidemiologist with an extensive history. He has advised the World Health Organization for decades and was a driving force behind the class 2B classification of EMF’s.

Here Anthony urges that EMR must be upgraded to a class 1 carcinogen. With thousands of studies proving harmful biological effects the evidence is crystal clear.

Worlds leading expert on microwave radiation warns of 5G health hazards

The renowned British physicist and microwave weapons expert Dr. Barry Trower has been warning people of 5G and EMR for years.

Barry has a long history with the British Royal Navy and British Secret Service and is the leading world expert on microwave radiation.

He challenges anyone to prove what he says wrong and not one person has ever been able to do so.

Thousands of doctors speak out

Dr. Sharon Goldberg is just one of many speaking out on the dangers of wireless tech, 5G and the electromagnetic radiation it emits.

Many thousands of doctors including the well known Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and Dr Klinghardt all warn of the dangers.

Here Dr. Sharon Goldberg informs the judge of 5G dangers at a national hearing.

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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    I’m going to learn all I can to protect myself and others from this … besides keeping our phones away from us … what exactly can we do to block this ? I’m excited about all I’ll learn to find solutions!! I’m so grateful God already knew all about this too .

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  2. Thank you so much for doing the work to get this info out there! I am so grateful to people like you who bring this critical information to light so that we can be better informed!

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