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Virtual means the EMF assessment is conducted virtually using cutting-edge technology, this reveals approximate exposures and most EMF hazards.

In-Home means the EMF assessment is conducted in personal using the worlds most advanced German detection equipment. This reveals actual exposures and all EMF hazards.

Virtual ShieldPro Basic
+ 30 min Virtual EMF Assessment  (30 hazard checks)
+ 40 min Protection Blueprint

Virtual ShieldPro Premium
+ 1 hour Virtual EMF Assessment (75+ hazard checks)
+ 1 hour Protection Blueprint

In-Home ShieldPro Basic
+ In-Home EMF Assessment for 2 EMFs (RF + AC MG)
+ 45 min Protection Blueprint

In-Home ShieldPro Premium
+ In-Home EMF Assessment for 5 EMFs (RF, DE, AC EL, AC MG, DC MG)
+ 1.5 hour Protection Blueprint

EMF Types:
RF: Radio Frequencies from wireless technologies
DE: Dirty Electricity, the pollution of your electricity that radiates off walls.
AC EL: AC Electric Fields that extend off anywhere electricity is.
AC MG: AC Magnetic Fields caused by stray currents and appliances.
DC MG: DC Magnetic Fields from electronics, appliances and metals.