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General Information

Having an EMF Home Assessment with Biome Living will transform your home into a natural, healthy, safe space for you and your loved ones.

  • Reveal the invisible and potentially deadly EMFs in your home. No EMF is left hidden from our advanced EMF detection equipment.
  • Get a bird’s eye-view of all 4 types of EMFs throughout your entire home. All your results are compared to the German health-based IBN guidelines.
  • Understand the health effects at different exposure levels. Matt is also qualified in electrobiology. How EMFs affect your body.
  • Get professional EMF mitigation advice from a leading expert. Follow your step-by-step mitigation plan to create a healthy and natural low EMF environment.

Matt is an EMR testing technician certified by the Australian College for Environmental Studies. He also has additional qualifications in electromagnetics from the Institute for Building Biology.

Most EMF home assessments are completed in around 3 hours or less. The time taken depends on your home’s size and the EMF hazards discovered.

Your home will be assessed for all 4 EMFs of concern:

  1. Radio Frequency Radiation from cell phone towers, wireless devices, wifi, smart meters, radar etc.
  2. AC Electric Fields from house wiring, transformers, appliances etc.
  3. AC Magnetic Fields from house wiring, stray currents, unbalanced circuits, power distribution lines, substations etc.
  4. Dirty Electricity from high frequency voltage transience riding on the homes electrical systems.

Your entire home will be tested, paying close attention to where you sleep and spend the most time. Your results will then be interpreted and compared against our health based guidelines from Germany.

Finally, you’ll receive our professional recommendations for the mitigation of EMFs. Our recommendations are based on over half a decade of working with non-native radiation.


We off a range of cutting-edge products and services to eliminate hazardous EMFs from your life. Starting from just $600.

Simply schedule an EMF Assessment above and we’ll be in touch with the relevant products and services for your budget.

What’s Included?

Elevate Your Space with Our Premium EMF Home Assessments, Enhanced with Exclusive Additions:

  1. Advanced detection of all 4 EMFs of concern – Radio frequencies (wireless radiation), high frequency voltage transients (dirty electricity), AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.
  2. Diagnosis of all EMF hazards: Powered by cutting-edge German detection equipment, our expert analysis doesn’t just stop at the 80+ EMF hazard checks; it goes beyond, unveiling and addressing hidden electromagnetic threats, leaving no stone unturned!
  3. Exposure levels decoded: Our expert decodes intricate EMF data, unveiling hidden risks and crafting precise protection strategies. All exposures are generated into an innovative heat map to turn the invisible into the visible.
  4. Your Home Rated and Compared: Insightful home comparison against the esteemed German IBN guidelines ensures your protection surpasses the most stringent EMF safety benchmarks.
  5. Custom Mitigation Plan: Personalized 360 degree defense techniques and strategies for your home to guard against all 4 hazardous EMF types. Tailored protection, Step-by-Step, for your space.
  6. Transformative Insights in 45 Minutes: Expert follow-up phone consultation offering guidance and practical steps tailored to your space for a fortified, EMF-secure haven.
  7. Premier 3-Month Support: Personalized solutions & ongoing EMF mastery support. Our dedicated expert provides tailored guidance, continuous support, and cutting-edge resources, securing lasting EMF protection.
Types of Assessments

We can help you out no matter the situation. Whether you want your home checked, you’re buying a block of land or you’re simply concerned about the power lines nearby.

We conduct assessments of:

  1. Homes / offices / buildings
  2. Pre-purchase / rentals
  3. Land
  4. Power lines
  5. Transformers
  6. Substations
  7. Cell towers

…and much more! Send an inquiry and let us know how we can help.

EMF Protection

The mitigation of EMFs will occur on the day of your assessment where possible.

When further action is required, we’ll recommend the best available options depending on the issues present.

EMF mitigation and protection is complex and no home is identical.

We work with electromagnetics and physics. We do not use nor recommend deceptive ‘EMF protection’ products such as pendants, plug-in neutralizers, stickers, scalar energy devices, stones etc

Listen here for more on how EMF mitigation works.

Assessment Results

Results, observations and recommendations will be provided in a comprehensive custom mitigation plan. This is included in all EMF Home Assessment packages.

All your results will also be compared to the German health based EMF guidelines (SBM-2015) so you know exactly where the problem areas are.