EMF Assessment Booking

Step 1: Your location

Check you’re located within the blue circle. This is our area of service.

Are you outside this zone but within NSW, ACT, QLD or VIC? It’s likely we’ll be visiting your area in 2021 – contact us for more information.

Step 2: Information

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To calculate the cost of an EMF home assessment view our pricing calculator below. For all other assessments contact us for a quote.

Floor area is the total internal floor space of your home. It does not include garages or balconies. It’s important that you provide us an accurate floor area when booking. If you’re unsure we can calculate this for you.

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General Information

An EMF Assessment is essential for:

  1. Identifying the non-native electromagnetic radiation affecting the home.
  2. Revealing the EMF exposure levels throughout the entire home.
  3. Discovering any problems that may be causing elevated EMF exposures (stray currents, net currents, electrical wiring errors etc).
  4. Implementing the correct and most effective mitigation / protection specific to your home.

We are certified EMR technicians by the ACES with additional training in electromagnetics from the IBE.

Most home / office assessments are completed in around 3 hours or less. The time taken depends on your homes size and the number of locations tested.

Your home will be assessed for all 4 EMFs of concern:

  1. Radio Frequency Radiation from cell phone towers, wireless devices, wifi, smart meters, radar etc.
  2. AC Electric Fields from house wiring, transformers, appliances etc.
  3. AC Magnetic Fields from house wiring, stray currents, unbalanced circuits, power distribution lines, substations etc.
  4. Dirty Electricity from high frequency voltage transience riding on the homes electrical systems.

Your entire home will be tested paying close attention to where you sleep and spend the most time. Your results will then be interpreted and compared against our health based guidelines from Germany.

Finally you’ll receive our professional recommendations for the mitigation of EMFs. Our recommendations are based on years working with radiation and are specific to the issues discovered within your home.

What’s Included?

All EMF home assessments include the following PLUS exclusive extras.

  1. Testing for all 4 EMFs of concern – Radio frequencies (wireless radiation), high frequency voltage transients (dirty electricity), AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.
  2. Full testing data compared to the German health based IBN Guidelines (SBM-2015). Interpretation, observations and recommendations by our testing technician is included.

Exclusive Extras Included:
Every EMF assessment with Biome Living comes with over $800 of exclusive free extras. You will not find these anywhere else.

  • Get the ultimate guide to safely using a mobile phones. In just 7 steps you’ll discover exactly how to dramatically lower your radiation exposure.
    Value: $50
  • Free 45 minute phone consultation to discuss the results and any EMF questions you may have.
    Value: $200
  • Get 6 months of unrestricted access to our certified EMR specialist for all EMF related questions and information. Imagine having an EMF expert on hand whenever you need it.
    Value: $260
  • Free unlimited access to the EMF 101 Beginners Course. This online course will take you through all the EMF basics. Discover each specific type of EMF, their health effects and tips to protect yourself!
    Value: $300 – Launching Q3 2021

Types of Assessments

We can help you out no matter the situation. Whether you want your home checked, you’re buying a block of land or you’re simply concerned about the power lines nearby.

We conduct assessments of:

  1. Homes / offices / buildings
  2. Pre-purchase / rentals
  3. Land
  4. Power lines
  5. Transformers
  6. Substations
  7. Cell towers

…and much more! Send an enquiry and let us know how we can help.

EMF Protection

The mitigation of EMFs will occur on the day of your assessment where possible.

When further action is required, we’ll recommend the best available options depending on the issues present.

EMF mitigation and protection is complex and no home is identical.

We work with electromagnetics and physics. We do not use nor recommend deceptive ‘EMF protection’ products such as pendants, plug-in neutralizers, stickers, scalar energy devices, stones etc.

Assessment Results

Results, observations and recommendations will be discussed with you verbally during your 45 minute phone consultation following the assessment.

All our measurements are compared against the German ‘health’ based guidelines (SBM-2015) for peace of mind.

Reports are highly recommended and go into great detail on the findings and our recommendations.

If no report is ordered your results will be emailed to you following the assessment.


Reports are always optional and will be provided within 7 days of receiving payment. There are two types of reports we provide for home assessments.

A detailed report for homes is provided at a discount of $200. These are approximately 18 pages in length and contain information on each EMF, observations, interpretation, recommendations and complete testing data color coded to the health based IBN guidelines. Price: $795 $595

Reports for all other types of assessments including cell towers, power lines and substations. Price: $795

Step 3: Book EMF Assessment

You can book your electromagnetic radiation assessment below. We’ll be in touch shortly after with confirmation of your booking.

*Required for home / office assessments only.