Sydney Substation & Transformer EMF Assessments

Get the substation or transformer assessed near your property for hazardous EMFs by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.

A substation EMF assessment is critical for understanding the risks associated with living in close proximity to a substation or transformer.

Transformers can emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation; specifically magnetic and electric fields. These fields can saturate surrounding properties with non-native EMFs that have known adverse biological effects.

Understand the risk

A substation EMF assessment will uncover the invisible EMFs that may pose significant health risks.

Make the right decision

Understand the potential hazards and risks before committing or signing any contract.

Designed in Australia by our certified  EMR specialist
Designed in Australia by our certified EMR specialist

Matt Cossey conducts EMF assessments all over Australia. He also hosts the Invisible EMF Podcast.

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Matt services Sydney including surrounding areas of Newcastle, Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands.