About Us

Matt Cossey
CEO – Biome Living Services
Certified EMR Technician (ACES, IBE)

We assist the health conscious in transforming their home into a healthy low-EMF safe space. We also provide EMF testing and mitigation services for all applications.

Matt Cossey is a qualified Electromagnetic Radiation Testing Technician (EMRT). Certified by the ACES (Australian College of Environmental Studies).

Additionally, he has further certifications in Electromagnetics and low EMF wiring from the IBE (Building Biology Institute) in the United States.

We provide a number of different products and services:

  • EMF Assessments – available within 200 km of Sydney. Testing of non-native EMFs for homes, workplaces, land, power lines, substations, cell towers etc. An EMF assessment will reveal your exposure levels to all 4 EMFs. It also diagnoses all EMF hazards within your home. Finally, we provide professional mitigation advice to create a harmonious low EMF home.
  • The EMF Protection Protocol – available worldwide. The world’s only expert designed system to protect yourself from all 4 EMFs of concern.
  • The Low EMF Home Finder – available worldwide. This step-by-step program assists you in finding a low EMF home, condo or parcel of land to call home. You’ll know exactly what to look out for before signing any lease or contract.
  • The Low EMF New Home Blueprint – available worldwide. The step-by-step blueprint for building the ultimate low EMF home. Live your best life in a low-EMF home designed by Biome Living.
  • EMF Consultations – available worldwide. I offer my professional advice on all things ‘EMFs’ from the science to assessing your situation remotely, the best solutions for lowering exposure etc. Get the facts and information on how to lower your exposure from an expert.

The adverse health effects of the electro-smog we’re increasingly bathing in cannot be ignored. Over a thousand independent studies show serious health implications.

Recommended viewing: Physicians for Safe Technology, Bioinitiative Report, EMF-Portal.

We look forward to assisting you in creating a natural and safe, low-EMF living space for you and your loved ones.