About Us

Matt Cossey
CEO – Biome Living Services
Certified EMR Technician (ACES, IBE)

Biome Living Services specialises in electromagnetic radiation (EMF, EMR) testing and mitigation within homes and workplaces all over Sydney. We also do regular trips up and down the east coast from Victoria to Noosa, QLD.

Matt Cossey is a qualified Electromagnetic Radiation Testing Technician (EMRT). Certified by the ACES (Australian College of Environmental Studies).

Additionally, he has further certification in Electromagnetics and low EMF wiring from the IBE (Building Biology Institute) in the United States.

After becoming extremely concerned about the ever increasing electromagnetic radiation we’re being exposed to, Matt begun training in EMR with the ACES and IBE.

He has since been testing, protecting and spreading EMF awareness all over Sydney and beyond.

The adverse health effects of the electrosmog we’re now increasingly bathing in cannot be ignored. Thousands of independent studies show serious health implications (Bioinitiative, 2012).

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health by creating a natural and safe low-EMF living space for you and your loved ones.