EMF Protection

Creating harmonious living spaces low in EMFs is our specialty. However, away from the home we are now subject to an onslaught of microwave radiation (RF) – mostly from cell towers (3, 4, 5G).

We’ve teamed up with Shielded Apparels to bring you the only type of protection we professionally recommend when you’re out and about.

Shielded clothing is the only EMF protection recommended by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist for use away from the home.

We have personally tested the clothing from Shielded Apparels with our state-of-the-art testing equipment from Germany. It exceeded all expectations – Shop Now

Shielded clothing is perfect for when out. However, in a home it will only protect you from 1 of the 4 EMFs of concern

To create a healthy low EMF home it’s important to have it assessed by a certified electromagnetic specialist or building biologist for all 4 EMFs of concern – DE, RF, AC electric and AC magnetic fields.

An EMF home assessment reveals all 4 non-native EMFs throughout your entire home. Get your home compared to our EMF guidelines from Germany. Finally, receive our professional mitigation advice to transform your home into a low EMF sanctuary.

Create a harmonious home where health and well-being thrives

No matter where you are in the world our certified EMR specialist can help you build or find a low EMF home. We can also assist you with all things EMFs via our consultation advisory service.

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EMF Shielded Clothing

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EMF Home Assessments

Get your home assessed for all 4 non-native EMFs of concern. Create a harmonious home where health and well being thrives. Available east coast Australia.

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The Low EMF Home Finder™

Find a low EMF home anywhere in the world. Know exactly what to look out for before signing any contact.

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The New Home Blueprint™

The step-by-step system to build the ultimate healthy low EMF home. Don’t risk your health and sanity by building a toxic home.

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Get EMF Help

Speak directly with a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from anywhere in the world. Get professional advice on all things EMFs. From mitigation and protection to tips on how to lower your exposure.

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