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EMFs in Home

Hazardous EMFs are found elevated in most homes

They can't be smelt, seen or heard yet these class 2B carcinogens negatively affect almost every home.

Cell towers, power lines, substations and wireless technologies are just a few sources of EMFs.


They wreck havoc on you and your loved ones health

Crippling RF Radiation

A known carcinogen that causes a cascade of harmful health effects.

Damaging Magnetic Fields

A class 2B carcinogen linked to leukemia, obesity - even miscarriage.

Agitating Electric Fields

'Electrifies' your body robbing you of melatonin, energy and sleep.

1,000+ studies show harm

Thousands of peer reviewed studies show the adverse health effects of EMFs - the science is done.

See: Bioinitiative Report, EMF Portal, MDSafetech, ORSAA

Reduced sperm count - 3.4 uW/m2 (Behari 2006)

Increased stress - 60 uW/m2 (Buchner, 2012)

Increased cancer risk - 1,000 uW/m2 (Khurana 2010)

Average Sydney Home Level (RF Radiation) - 5,000 uW/m2

Watch the video - Adverse health effects of EMFs

Experience a low-EMF home where health and wellbeing thrive

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EMFs can cause significant health issues. Live your life free from their damaging effects.

Proven EMF Protection

Don't fall for deceptive EMF protection. Get the best advice from a qualified specialist.

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Your home diagnosed using state-of-the-art equipment so absolutely nothing is missed.

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Feel at ease and relaxed knowing you're free from the 24/7 bombardment of EMFs.

Certified EMR Technician

Our qualified EMR specialist (ACES, IBE) will ensure you get the best expert advice.

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We guarantee to significantly lower your exposure to EMFs or your money back.

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New York Times best selling author

“The most dangerous pollution affecting you is the invisible sea of EMFs your body swims in daily.”

Dr Mercola
Dr. Mercola
Founder - Worlds #1 Health Site

World renowned physician

“EMFs are undoubtedly one of the biggest threats to health. There are undeniable links to autism and many other diseases.”

Dr Klinghardt
Dr. Klinghardt
Klinghardt Institute

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We guarantee to lower your exposure to EMFs - that's our promise.

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The cost of a complete EMF assessment varies depending on your location and assessment type. For full pricing, see our booking page.

As qualified electromagnetic radiation specialists, in our professional opinion, we do not endorse the use of any plug-in devices, pendants, stickers etc claiming to reduce radiation exposures or the harmful effects of EMFs. If no reduction can be measured, it's not reducing your risk. See our article on this...

So how do we reduce EMFs then? We use many proven and effective mitigation strategies specific to the issues present in your home. As EMR specialists - we also have a few tricks up our sleeve.

It's very important to understand that we're dealing with multiple EMFs (RF, DE, electric fields & magnetic fields) coming from hundreds of different sources (radar, cell towers, stray currents, wiring errors etc). Each requires very different methods of mitigation. The only real way to get protected from EMFs and lower your exposure is by having your home properly assessed by a certified EMR specialist. If anyone tells you otherwise they are clearly not qualified in the field.

Would you self-medicate without even knowing what's wrong with you? Likely not! When it comes to EMFs you must first get your home properly assessed for us to diagnose the issues present. Then, based upon the type of emfs, where they are coming from and their strength, we'll then be able to implement or recommend the most effective mitigation strategies available.

Matt Cossey is an ACES certified Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician. He has nationally accredited certification in Electromagnetic Field Testing (BLDBIO602) with the Australian College of Environmental Studies (RTO.21740).

In addition, he has further certification in Electromagnetics and 'low-emf home wiring' with the Building Biology Institute (BBI) in the United States.

We service all areas within and surrounding Sydney. North to Newcastle, West to Lithgow and South to Nowra. We also visit Canberra and the north coast up to Queensland - contact us for more information.

To see the map of our service area please view our Booking Page.

We use highly-sensitive testing equipment to measure all 4 kinds of electromagnetic fields that are found within our modern living environments. This includes:

1. AC Magnetic Fields from power lines, electrical panels, electrical wiring, solar inverters, appliances, computers, televisions, fluorescent lights, and most other electrical and electronic devices. Wiring errors and stray currents can also be a surprisingly strong source.

2. AC Electric Fields from hidden electrical wiring within nearby walls and ceilings, power cords for lamps and devices, and sometimes overhead power lines. Special attention is usually placed on the bedrooms, where people spend the most time.

3. Radio frequencies / microwave radiation from everything wireless in this modern world. This includes emissions from cell towers, radar, mobile phones, TV/radio broadcast towers, Smart Meters, DECT and cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and more.

4. Dirty Electricity caused by high frequency voltage transience radiating 1.2 meters or more off walls and wiring. DE may be arriving from the power company or being created within your home by certain lighting and appliances.

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