WiFi Free Schools in Australia

Looking for a school with no WiFi? We don’t blame you. WiFi emits high levels of microwave radiation – a class 2B carcinogen (World Health Organization).

In the last decade alone thousands of schools across France, Belgium, Israel and Cyprus have banned WiFi. Other schools around the world have taken action to protect our most vulnerable and remove WiFi.

If you know of a school with no WiFi not already on the list we urge you to please contact us.

Tips for parents:
1. Check the RFNSA for existing cellular base station sites. The further away from these the better.
2. Check with the school prior to enrolling your child on their WiFi / wireless device policy.


Cairns Hinterland Steiner School – Kuranda


Castle Hill High School – Castle Hill
Lorien Novalis School – Dural
Shearwater Steiner School – Mullumbimby



Freshwater Creek Steiner School – Freshwater Creek
Wild Cherry School – Bairnsdale



Upper Sturt Primary School – Upper Sturt


Yallingup Steiner School – Yallingup


About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist in Sydney. He also hosts the ‘Invisible EMF Podcast‘ – available on all good podcast apps.

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