The Ultimate Guide to EMF Awareness

Here we’ve put together the best resources available for anyone to learn more about the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Of significant concern is the ever increasing levels of microwave radiation exposure from all things wireless. Entire cities and suburbs are now being saturated in this class 1 carcinogen, with levels rising day by day.

Much of this exposure is from the now thousands of cell phone transmitters being added to the network every single year. We’re also being exposed from the many wireless products we purchase that pulse microwave radiation 24/7.


Protecting you and your loved ones health is critical. More than 10,000 studies now show clear biological harm, even at so called ‘low levels’.

Scientists have estimated our exposure to microwave radiation alone (WiFi, phones, cell towers etc) to have increased by one quintillion times.

That’s a 1 with eighteen zero’s ( 1,000,000,000,000,000,000).

Studies showing adverse health effects

The Bioinitiative Report
Over 2,000+ studies reviewed by more than a dozen scientists worldwide.

Bioinitiative RF Charts…
Contains dozens of significant studies showing harm to health and the exposure levels associated with these adverse biological effects.

EMF Portal
29,921 publications and 6,452 summaries of individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Physicians for Safe Technology
An alliance of doctors and health professionals raising awareness about the dangers of wireless tech (microwave radiation). Thousands of studies have been cited and conveniently grouped into known health effects.

Military and Government Reports…
A wealth of older and very valuable reports from governmental organizations on research and health effects of EMFs. These reports add thousands of studies showing harm conducted as early as the 1940s.

Wireless wake-up call

Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses the health hazards that come with technology.

Take back your power

Josh del Sol’s groundbreaking documentary on the health effects of microwave radiation (RF). Covers smart meters, phones, cell towers + more.

Dr Sharon Goldberg Testifies

Dr Sharon Goldberg’s powerful testimony opposing the roll-out of 5G. She is an expert in both the medical field and advanced electromagnetic radiation testing.

Prof. Olle Johansson on EMFs

Top European scientist Olle Johansson discusses DNA damage and ‘irreversible infertility’ caused by microwave radiation from all things wireless.

Dr Anthony Miller Interview

The honorable Dr Anthony Miller needs no introduction to most. Here is his not to be missed interview with the Environmental Health Trust.

Dr Martin Pall

The renowned Dr Martin Pall covers numerous mechanisms of action by which EMFs affect the body.

Barrie Trower Interview

World renowned physicist and microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower goes in-depth into the catastrophic harm being caused by microwave radiation from cell towers, 5G, WiFi and more.


5G Unmasked (Series)

This groundbreaking series covers the dangers of 5G and the complete saturation of the planet in microwave radiation from the ever-increasing wireless systems and devices.

Stop EMFs Destroying your Health

Want to stop your health being destroyed by EMFs? Biome Living has certified EMR Technicians who can assess your home for all EMFs of concern.

Did you know there’s many EMFs affecting your health – wireless radiation being just one of those.

Discover the levels of EMFs throughout your entire home, then get properly protected. We are independently certified in EMF mitigation (ACES, IBE) and use the ultimate protection and mitigation strategies available.

The end result, a healthy low-EMF home that supports the health and well-being of you and your loved ones.

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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