Transform Your Home into a Healthy Safe Space Free of EMFs

Follow our simple 3-step process to protect your home in 7 days

Step 1: Your Home Assessed

We begin with the world’s most extensive remote EMF home assessment available. Your home is screened for over 75+ EMF hazards using satellite imagery, virtual street view and real world emission data to uncover all threats. This is all conducted by Matt our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.

Step 2: Receive Your Report

It takes a few days for your EMF assessment to be completed. After which, you’ll receive your mitigation report with our protection protocol steps for every EMF hazard discovered in your home. The report contains all observations made and lays everything out step-by-step in plain english.

Step 3: Follow the Protocol

You’ll receive the ultimate protection strategies, techniques and engineering hacks to remove up to 99.9% of all toxic EMFs. The same methods Matt has tested and used on hundreds of homes for over half a decade. Mitigation advice covers all 4 harmful EMFs (RF, DE, electric and magnetic fields)!

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