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The Healthy Home Locator™ Reveals Toxic Hotspots Near You

We’ve exposed polluted neighborhoods plus cancer clusters – so you can find a healthy place to call home

Your environment says a lot about your health. Don’t risk living in one you might regret.

  • Find a clean and healthy place to live – without the hassle of reading confusing environmental reports.
  • Discover hushed up cancer clusters. All mapped out, so you can avoid moving into a health nightmare.
  • The Healthy Home Locator also includes the cleanest locations in your country – air and water quality assessed.

The Healthy Home Locator™ reveals unhealthy locations plus the cleanest places to live.

Everything you need to know on a convenient map:
✅ The locations of big polluters in your area
✅ Contaminated land hidden from the public
✅ Hushed up cancer cluster locations
✅ Areas with constant air pollution
✅ Towns with contaminated water

? plus locations with the cleanest air, water and land.

? Free updates + community submissions.

Includes coverage of ?? ?? ?? Europe, ?? ?? North America, ?? Australia, ?? New Zealand.

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Found my low-EMF home

December 16, 2020

This helped me so much when looking for a home! Thank you Matt

Samantha Trevelyan

highly recommended

November 22, 2020

During home inspections I was looking out for things that I never would have thought of being related to EMFs. This helped me so much in finding my new home. Truly a godsend.

Fiona. S