Microwave Radiation Increasing at Alarming Rate

For thousands of years, humans have evolved with the natural background radiation and magnetic fields of the planet.

We now know through the work of Professor Rutger Wever and others that these invisible natural fields play a vital role in both the health and well-being of all life. We’ve evolved with these fields since the dawn of humanity.

This however was all about to change as homes begun to be powered with electricity in the early 1900s. The electrification of the world was the beginning of our exposure to types of electromagnetic radiation that we had previously never come into contact with.

1904, Sydney’s electric streetlights were switched on for the first time.

These artificial EMFs include AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields and high-frequency voltage transients (DE). These 3 fields are found around all wired systems at various levels – basically anywhere electricity is.

There is a 4th EMF though which is most concerning to scientists and EMR specialists around the world. That is radio frequency radiation (20 kHz – 300 GHz) or microwave radiation (300 MHz – 300 GHz) from all the wireless systems in use today.

Frying all life on the planet

The natural background radio frequency level on the planet is at the very most just 0.000001 µW/m². This has been the exposure levels on the planet since the dawn of time.

Today in 2020 I aim to get my client’s sleeping area below 10 µW/m² if I can. This is not an easy task and usually requires some sort of shielding, as microwave radiation is now basically everywhere.

Adverse health effects have been documented at levels as low as 3.4 µW/m². The first affected – sperm (Behari, 2006). Our exposures are increasing on a daily basis with our increasing reliance on Wi-Fi, mobile phones and wireless technology.

A study by Magras and Xenos in 1997 ended with all rats becoming completely infertile within 5 generations (extinction). The rats were living around a cell phone tower. The infertility was irreversible.

Thousands of cell transmitters go up each and every year to meet the demands of our mobile phone addiction (data use). The result of this? Higher microwave radiation exposures for everyone – whether you like it or not.

Exposures of 100,000 µW/m², even up into the millions of micro watts (m²) are now common place. Whether you feel it or not, your biology is being adversely affected – no one is immune.

Since the majority of wireless systems are above 300 MHz, this is considered microwave radiation – a well-known carcinogen. The harmful effects of microwave radiation has been known as far back as the 1940s.

The table below shows approximate exposures.

EnvironmentExposure (µW/m²)
Natural background level0.000001
Sperm affected (Behari, 2006)3.4
Average home level2,500
Average apartment level5,000
5 meters from WiFi router50,000
Cell phone up to head> 100,000
100 meters from cell tower1,000,000

Radiation increase linked to disease

The past 50 years in particular has seen a dramatic increase in microwave radiation levels. Most of the higher exposures being limited to military use. In the last 20 years this has changed with our addiction and reliance on technology fueling higher and higher exposures.

We’re also experiencing a dramatic increase in disease and electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). How many people are asking WHY?

Many scientists are warning the public, linking microwave radiation exposure to cancers, infertility, autism and even the collapse of entire ecosystems (bees, beneficial bacteria etc.). The alarm is already sounding, but who is listening?

Here is a diagram linking the rise in microwave radiation exposures over the years (blue line) to the increase in Autism (red line). In 1975 autism was virtually non-existent.

Autism has increased in tandem with microwave radiation exposure.

5G fueling higher levels of microwave radiation

As of today, the 5G network is almost entirely completed in most major cities around the world. Many transmitters are switched on and ready to go. This means thousands of additional transmitters, leading to significant exposure increases across most installation sites.

We were one of the first to expose these increases with our info graphic that went viral on Facebook (shown below). Here you can see the massive increase in microwave radiation at various 5G sites around Sydney.

Radiation levels near (50m/100m) base station sites before (blue) and after (red) 5G is installed.

The situation is even worse than shown above. The EME reports that this data comes from does not consider crest factors. They also do not take into consideration actual exposures. Only from that one base station site.

In reality, we’re exposed to hundreds of transmitters emitting microwave radiation when in a city. Not to mention all the phones and other wireless technology around us pulsing this artificial pollutant.

Remember: If it’s wireless, it’s most likely using microwave radiation to transmit the signal – a known carcinogen.

What can you do?

  1. Turn off data on your phone. The best protest against cell towers? Turning the data off on your phone. It turns out that the dramatic increase of cell towers and transmitters is due to a demand for data. Turn your data off and use the internet on a wired connection. You’ll also dramatically lower your radiation exposure.
  2. Always use wired connections. If it’s wireless, it’s microwave radiation. This includes cordless phones, wireless headsets and Bluetooth. Used wired connections and turn Wi-Fi OFF.
  3. Get your home tested by a professional. Lastly and most importantly, get your home tested and protected by a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist or building biologist in your local area. You’ll not only discover EMF levels throughout your home, but you’ll get the best mitigation advice available. Creating a low-EMF home is vital to protecting yourself from these invisible carcinogens.

Are you as concerned about this as us? Share your thoughts below!

About the Author

About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

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