How to Find Cell Tower Locations

Lets face it, those of us who know about the dangers of microwave radiation might not exactly want to be living close to cell towers. There’s also numerous other transmitters and radar systems that blanket large areas with electromagnetic radiation.

Use this as a guide to find the microwave radiation emitters in your country.


RFNSA – In Australia we are blessed to have the Radio Frequency National Site Archive. It is undoubtedly one of the best cell tower location sites in the world. Put in your address to find all surrounding base station and small cell sites. It even shows distances and ‘EME’ (radiation) reports for each location.

ACMA Site Location Map – For all other transmitters that emit radio frequency / microwave radiation look no further than the ACMA map. It shows not only base station sites but also radar or other communication systems.


Canadian Cellular Towers Map – A nice easy to use cell tower location map created by Steven Nikkel. All major Canadian providers are listed and updated regularly.

Cell Mapper – All major carriers are included for Canada. We just wish you could show all the towers in a country at once. It seems to show only the selected provider – one at a time.


Mast Data – Seems to be the only alternative to cell mapper in the UK. It is a paid service but they offer a free trial for testing.

Cell Mapper – A good choice when it comes to the UK. All major providers are shown along with coverage maps.


Antenna Search – My top pick for the USA. Put in the address and it will find all antennas and towers within a 3 mile radius. Keep in mind it’s showing everything so many anyennas are low powered. Check the power output and frequency. Zoom controls are down the bottom right. Select a location to bring up more information.

Scadacore – Shows the major cell towers with data direct from the FCC. Not sure how often the map is updated yet it’s very quick and simple to use. Lacks more detailed data such as power output and frequency.

Cell Mapper – Makes the appearance again yet. Can be difficult to use and seems to only show locations based on only one cellular provider at a time.

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist in Sydney. He also hosts the ‘Invisible EMF Podcast‘ – available on all good podcast apps.

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