EMF Protection Clothing

Important Note: EMF protection clothing will only shield part of your body from RF. It won’t protect you from dirty electricity, AC electric or AC magnetic fields.

Although highly effective – radiation does reflects off the clothing and can increase exposures to others around you.

Prefer to protect yourself from all 4 EMFs? Check out the EMF Protection Protocol.

We’ve teamed up with to bring you the only type of protection we professionally recommend for when you’re out and about.

Shielded clothing is the only EMF protection recommended by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist for use away from the home.

We have personally tested the clothing from Shielded Apparels with our state-of-the-art testing equipment from Germany. It exceeded all expectations.

4 Tips When Using EMF Protection Clothing

  1. Wear EMF protection clothing in the car to shield against the car’s RF emissions and also radiation from cell towers.

  2. Purchase shielded base layers, then wear your favorite ordinary clothing over the top.

  3. Wash the EMF clothing protection in a gentle natural washing liquid or use the manufacturer’s recommended detergent.

  4. Use the clothing primarily when out and about. At home, you can protect your entire body with the more effective strategies found in the EMF Protection Protocol.

For even more tips, listen to our podcast episode below!

Prefer to Protect Yourself From All 4 EMFs?

Whilst EMF protection clothing is great for when outside and away from home, its use is counter-productive inside the home.

This is because the clothing only protects the covered parts of your body and only from RF radiation.

There is a much more effective solution you can use that:

  1. doesn’t require you to be covered in any ‘special clothing’.
  2. dramatically reduces or even entirely removes EMF exposures for the whole body
  3. protects you from all 4 deadly EMFs, not just RF

The EMF Protection Protocol

The step-by-step system that will transform your home into a natural healthy low-EMF safe space in 7 days or less.