Censored for exposing 5G

This week our Youtube channel has been entirely deleted and permanently suspended. What for exactly? We have no idea. They won’t tell us.

This is Google for you – a multi billion dollar monster who’s motto used to be “don’t be evil”.

We do know what we were exposing though on Youtube… The dangers of non-native electromagnetic radiation and the new 5G which is seeing radiation exposures for all of us skyrocket.

This information we were sharing is all backed up by over 10,000 peer reviewed studies which show clear harm. These thousands of studies can be easily accessed by anyone. Google and other companies with vested interest in wireless technology can do little but put their heads in the sand.

So is google really doing ‘no evil’? If you ask me, covering up the harm and censoring anyone discussing the damage that EMR and wireless technology – is beyond evil.

You can delete, you can censor, you can pretend these studies don’t exist. Let’s just see how long you can play that game for Google.

All of this has only made us stronger and we will continue to expose what is going on. Good luck with the whole censorship thing Youtube. It’s becoming very obvious the more channels you try to make disappear.

Good luck censoring our blog and podcast 🙂

About the Author
About the Author

Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist in Sydney. He also hosts the ‘Invisible EMF Podcast‘ – available on all good podcast apps.

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