EMF Assessment Booking

Bookings for the NSW North Coast, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast close August 18th 2019.

Step 1: Your location

Check the zones on the map below and the dates we’ll be in each.

Blue Zone
Aug 16th – Newcastle to Port Macquarie
Aug 17th – Port Macquarie to Evans Head
Green Zone
Aug 18th – Ballina to Byron
Aug 19th – Byron to Tweed
Yellow Zone
Aug 20th – Gold Coast
Orange Zone
Aug 21st – Brisbane
Purple Zone
Aug 22nd – Sunshine Coast

Step 2: Information

Select sections for more information.


The cost of a Complete EMF Home Assessment can be calculated by using the pricing calculator below.

Floor area is the total internal floor space of your home. It does not include garages or balconies. It’s important that you provide us an accurate floor area when booking. If you’re unsure we can calculate this for you – please contact us.

We provide other services that require a quote. These include pre-purchase/rental inspections, magnetic field logging, land and office assessments + more – contact us for a quote.

EMF Assessment

An EMF Assessment is essential for identifying the electromagnetic radiation affecting your home. It’s also the only way to getting properly protected.

We are trained electromagnetic radiation technicians by the ACES with additional training in electromagnetics from the IBE.

Your home will be assessed for:

  1. High frequency RF fields from cell phone towers, wireless devices, wifi, smart meters, radar etc.
  2. Low frequency electric fields from house wiring, transformers, appliances etc.
  3. Low frequency magnetic fields from house wiring, stray currents, unbalanced circuits, power distribution lines, substations etc.
  4. Body voltage from electric fields. The effect of electric fields on the human body.
  5. Dirty electricity from high frequency voltage transience riding on the homes electrical systems.

Your entire home will be assessed paying close attention to where you sleep and spend the most time.

EMF Protection

The mitigation of EMFs will occur on the day of your assessment where possible.

When further action is required, we’ll recommend the best available options depending upon the issues present.

EMF mitigation and protection is complex and no home is identical.

We work in electromagnetics and physics. We do not use nor ever recommend deceptive products such as pendants, plug-in harmonizers, stickers or stones.

Assessment Results

Results, observations and recommendations will be discussed with you verbally during your 30 minute phone consultation following the assessment.

Reports are highly recommended and go into great detail on the findings and our recommendations.

If no report is ordered your results will be emailed to you following the assessment.


Reports are optional and will be provided within 7 days of receiving payment. There are two types of reports you may request:

A standard report is approximately 8-10 pages in length and contains observations, recommendations and complete testing data color coded to the IBN guidelines.

Extensive reports contain everything in a standard report but with additional information, diagrams, graphs and surrounding cell phone tower strength mapping.

Step 3: Make a booking

Please provide your details to request an Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment of your home.

Once sent, we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking.

*Required for home / office assessments only.