The Blueprint to Building a Healthy Low EMF Home

Introducing the step-by-step system to build the ultimate healthy low EMF home. Don’t risk your health and sanity by building a toxic home

High levels of non-native electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) affects most new home builds. This impacts the health and well-being of everyone living inside.

There’s now over 10,000 peer reviewed studies¹ showing the adverse health effects of EMFs. Even top World Health Organization advisors such as Dr Anthony Miller are concerned.

Watch the harmful effects of non-native electromagnetic radiation

Hi, my name’s Matt Cossey. I’m a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist and host of the Invisible EMF Podcast.

Experience a Home in Harmony with Life

Imagine building the home of your dreams – one that evokes a harmonious feeling like none other. Welcome to a new era in healthy home design – a low-EMF home by Biome Living

  • Discover the secrets to building the ultimate healthy low-EMF home from our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.
  • Get relief from living in an artificial soup of EMFs that over 10,000 studies show causes stress and harm to health.
  • Create a natural and harmonious home that allows your body to heal, relax and repair.
  • Experience a healing environment without damaging EMFs. Replicate how our ancestors lived for centuries.

Build a home that protects your health without the hazardous EMFs

What’s Included?


Understand the entire process and get help. Talk directly to our certified EMR specialist before, during and after construction.

The Blueprint

The blueprint takes you through the entire process step-by-step. A hassle-free process to make construction simple!


Avoid the hassle of having to explain things. Includes construction checklists for yourself and your builder.


Have our certified EMR specialist ready to assist you. Get help from an expert whenever you need it.

Live your best life in a low-EMF home designed by Biome Living

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Don’t Wait Till Your Construction Begins

Don’t delay – now is the time to act before construction begins. Unfortunately if you leave it till the construction phase – it may be too late to implement our recommendations.

Ripping down walls, changing the homes design and getting rid of high EMF systems is extremely costly after construction! This needs to be done during the homes construction not after.

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