The Blueprint to Finding a Low EMF Home

The ultimate step-by-step system to finding a low EMF home. Don’t risk your health and sanity by moving into a toxic nightmare

Non-native electromagnetic radiation is increasing every single year. Hazardous levels also affect many homes causing adverse health effects to their occupants.

This invisible radiation is a known carcinogen and puts you and your loved ones health at risk. Take charge of your health and avoid purchasing or renting a radiation nightmare.

The Low EMF Home Finder shows you exactly what to look out for – so you don’t purchase or rent a home full of hazardous EMFs

Don’t rent or buy blindly

Find a healthy home

Don’t be caught out buying or renting a home high in hazardous EMFs. Find a place that supports you and your loved ones.

Step-by-step blueprint

Follow the simple 10 Step Blueprint carefully designed by our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist.

Protect yourself from harm

Non-native EMFs are silent killers that many experts consider to be one of the biggest threats to your health. Are you willing to risk it?

Don’t commit to a nightmare

Feel at ease that you made the right decision on your new home. You’ll know exactly what to look out for before signing any lease or contract.

1-on-1 with our specialist

Get unrestricted access to our certified EMR specialist + phone consultation. Find out the facts from our industry expert.

Gain peace of mind

Say goodbye to fear and anxiety. Living in a low EMF home supports vibrant health – body and mind.

Designed in Australia by our certified  EMR specialist
Designed in Australia by our certified EMR specialist

Matt Cossey conducts EMF assessments all over Australia. He also hosts the Invisible EMF Podcast.

What’s Included?

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Home Finder Blueprint

The blueprint contains the exact step-by-step system to find a low EMF home. No testing or expensive equipment required. You’ll know exactly what to look out for when inspecting any home or apartment.

You’ll also save heaps of time by eliminating high EMF properties before you even inspect them!

Phone Consultation

Get a one on one consultation with our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist in Australia – no matter where you are. You’ll learn all the insider secrets to finding a low-EMF home from our expert in radiation.

Forget about taking notes… Everything covered in the consultation is easily found within the blueprint you’ll receive.

Access to EMR Specialist

No matter what package you choose, you’ll get direct access to our certified electromagnetic radiation specialist. Get all those lingering questions answered by an expert who assesses homes for EMFs on a daily basis.

Inspection Checklistss plus+

Inspect potential homes and apartments with our inspection checklists. With checklist in hand you’ll know the potential EMF hazards without even knowing a thing about radiation.

Each checklist also scores the home or apartment so you can compare each potential property with ease.

Unlimited Location Checkss plus+

Get your potential new homes double checked by our EMR specialist. He’ll look into each property for any red flags. You’ll also be advised on the best options from the homes you’re considering.

Access to all Future Updatess plus+

The low EMF home finder is constantly evolving. Receive all future updates at no additional cost.

EMF Hazards Exposed

Get insider knowledge from our certified EMR specialist

The Flux Hazard

Discover the big mistake that over 50% of all home buyers & renters make. A mistake that doubles your risk of getting seriously sick.

The Box Anomaly

Find out the trap that has millions living in shockingly high EMF homes. You’ll learn exactly how to not become another statistic.

The 6 Deal Breakers

Find out the 6 things you don’t want to be caught living anywhere near. You’ll find out how to spot them and when they become a high risk.

+ much more!

The low EMF home finder contains everything you need to find a healthy low EMF home.

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100% Guaranteed

We’ll guarantee you find a low EMF home no matter where you are in the world.

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What is your refund policy?

30 days money back

What are you prepared to risk?

Imagine moving into a home affected by high levels of EMFs, causing insomnia, anxiety and health issues. You have the choice.