Step 2: Bank Transfer

To complete your order, select your region below, then transfer into the displayed local account.

Use your name or email as the reference if possible. Once transferred, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us.


Transfer $565 USD into our US account below.

** Please transfer using ACH or ‘electronic money transfer’ **

Account Holder: Biome Living Services
Account Number: 9600000000013075
Routing Number: 084009519
Account Type: Checking

Bank Address:
Evolve Bank and Trust
6070 Poplar Ave suite 200
Memphis TN 38119
United States

United Kingdom

Transfer £465 into our UK account below.

** Please transfer using Faster Payments System (FPS), Bacs or CHAPS. Also accepting SWIFT, but not recommended (slow) **

Account Holder: Biome Living Services
Account Number: 34926604
Sort Code: 23-14-70
IBAN: GB70 TRWI 2314 7034 9266 04

56 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JJ
United Kingdom


Transfer 551 € into our European account below.

** SEPA or SWIFT transfers are accepted. SEPA transfers are recommended as they’re much faster **

Account Holder: Biome Living Services
IBAN: BE60 9671 7268 9870

Bank Details:
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52


Transfer $722 CAD into our Canadian account below.

** In Canada, please only pay using ‘EFT credits’ also known as ‘direct deposit’. **

** Do not pay using Interac, domestic wire, SWIFT or online bill transfers (OBTs) as the payment will bounce minus a $50 CAD bank fee. **

Account Holder: Biome Living Services
Institution Number: 621
Account Number: 200110177213
Transit Number: 16001

Bank Address:
Peoples Trust
595 Burrard Street,
Vancouver BC V7X 1L7

New Zealand

Transfer $875 NZD into our New Zealand account below.

** Please pay using ‘local bank transfer’. Do not transfer using SWIFT or Wire **

Account Holder: Biome Living Services
Account Number: 02-1290-0783596-000

Bank Address:
Deloitte Centre, 80 Queen Street
Auckland 92208
New Zealand


Transfer $793 AUD into our Australian bank account below.

Account Name: Biome Living
Bank Name: NAB
Account Number: 91 024 7715
BSB: 082 048

If your country / region is not displayed, please contact us.

Step 3: We’ll Be In Touch

Thanks for your payment! Look out for a confirmation email from us shortly (usually within 12 hrs).